Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市

Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市), located in the Xitun district (西屯区) of Taichung, next to Fengjia University, is the largest night market in Taiwan.  So of course we had to go there after checking in at J&I Home, about 3 min walk from the night market. 🙂

The boxed up red area is a part of Fengjia Night Market

This is how the junction of Nanzi Lane & Xitun Road 2/3 looks like

As seen in the map attached above, there is a Watsons at the junction of Nanzi Lane (湳子巷) & Xitun Road (西屯路2段/ 3段) as we walked to Fengjia Night Market area from J&I Home.  The temple (五路武财神庙) also served as our useful landmark later for returning to the residence to sleep hehe.

The night market from Wenhua Road (文华路) stretch was very crowded with visitors, be it on foot or on the motorbikes, so we had to be careful when walking along the streets as there were just too many bikes!

There was a lot of shopping & eating to be done at this night market!  It was fun just witnessing the long queues forming in front of the popular food stalls even though we didn’t try a lot of these food (as we had no patience in queuing hehe).  There was 1 stall selling Charcoal-grilled Chicken Chop that was to my liking, after walking for about 15 min along Wenhua Road:

The Charcoal-grilled Chicken Chop stall

Flavourful chicken chop at NTD60 🙂

A video of the famous 食尚玩家 hosts patronising this stall were screened on the TV at the stall.  Many people were crowding around the stall but there was no systemic queue.  I only realised later, after I ordered the chicken chop, that they were waiting for their number to be called to pick up their food.  However it was so noisy, not easy to hear what number the staff shouted! :O Fortunately we managed to hear our number & could get our hands on the piping hot & yummy chicken chop.  It was a big piece cut into smaller pieces & sprinkled with chilli powder for NTD60 (about S$2.50).  Thumbs up! 🙂

As it was already after 9pm, we decided not to eat too much so we just shopped & got ourselves drinks to quench our thirst.  See below for pictures of the bustling night market:

I tried the papaya milk sample here & it was very rich. No wonder such long queue!

Alot of food stalls cluster around here

We were tired after walking in the market for about 3 hours.  Most shops & stalls were closing around midnight too so we slowly returned to J&I Home.  Although we had walked a good 3 hours, we had only covered half of Fengjia Night Market & hadn’t even seen the main entrance of Fengjia University!  Gosh…… that is how big the market is……

As this was only the second night market visited during our trip, I didn’t buy a lot since I was still on a “look-see” mentality before making the purchases.  The damages were: a sling bag from PG costing only NTD179 (about S$7.60); phone accessory & a top costing NTD250 (about S$10.60) for myself.  We chatted with a few locals from the shops we bought stuff from, & they all commented that we should buy more in Taichung as it would be hard to find cheaper products of the same or better quality in Taipei.  There were also many shoe shops selling decent ladies’ heels/ flats at NTD100-200 only!

I must admit, the Taichung folks were pretty honest haha.  Things in Taipei really aren’t as cheap as in Taichung, though I still manage to find some good buys in Taipei later.  Fengjia Night Market is my favourite night market after touring all the other night markets listed on my itinerary.  Next time I definitely want to spend more time in Taichung & complete touring the Fengjia Night Market! 🙂


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