Just Sleep Hotel Ximending 捷丝旅 西门町馆

After a night at Taichung, it was time to return to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan!  We checked out of J&I Home about 11am & proceeded to Taichung HSR station by cab.  The HSR ticket from Taichung to Taipei costs NTD700 per standard ticket (about S$30), but we bought online before the trip, so we enjoyed a 10% discount on the fast & convenient 51 min train ride:)

We had a little unpleasant episode before we reached our hotel at Taipei, as the taxi driver at Taipei HSR station ranted at us (in fact he thought we were either Malaysians or Hongkongers) for the entire 5 min when we were in his cab, for making him earn only about NTD100 a trip when he had waited in the taxi queue for more than 1 hour, i.e. not a worthwhile trip for him.  Really bad attitude & I was quite pissed off, especially when it was my first time into Taipei.  Thankfully, it was just a 5 min ride as our hotel is at Ximending (1 MRT stop away from Taipei Main Station).

Fortunately, upon checking into the hotel – Just Sleep Hotel Ximending (捷丝旅 西门町馆), I was delighted at how comfortable & convenient the hotel is that the unpleasant cab experience became secondary.:P

Just Sleep Hotel Ximending entrance

Just Sleep Hotel Ximending is conveniently located at 台北市中华路一段41号, about 5 min walk to Ximen MRT (西门站) exit 5.  There is also an underground link to the station right in front of the hotel, & most of the time we used this to connect to the station.  This building also serves as an office building, so hotel rooms & facilities only occupy level 5-9.  Thus during morning, lunch & evening peak hours, we would see office workers sharing the same lift as us.  As you can see from the picture above, the convenience store 7-11 is on level 1 of the building, so convenient!  Now take a look at the cosy hotel room we checked-in to:

Interesting toilet sign on the door (left)

The shower room

The wash area is separate from the toilet/ shower

I like the simple yet easy-to-understand signs & layout!

Spacious twin room

I love this hotel room (we got a room on level 9)!  It is very modern, sleek, & makes clever use of every inch of space without making one feel cramped.  I thought all the signs in the room are interesting yet simple for all to understand, e.g. the toilet, shower, wash area etc.  Furthermore, the layout of the beds is also different from the usual that we see in other hotels.  At Just Sleep, beds are placed with the bedfronts facing each other, so this actually creates more walking space for guests.  In addition, since the beds don’t face the TV like in other hotels, there is a little couch between the 2 beds where we can sit down & watch TV.  I like the creative thought behind this. 😉

Besides the lovely room, a vending machine with cushioned seats are also available in the common area on each floor.  Quite thoughtful of the hotel management, isn’t it? ^^

The common area outside our room

We got our superior twin room inclusive of breakfast at S$605 for 4 nights (on Agoda), which was the most expensive out of all the hotels we checked in for this Taiwan trip, but I guess it is still a reasonable price to pay for staying in the heart of Taipei. 🙂

The buffet breakfast provided on level 5 is a pretty simple yet decent fare.  We didn’t take it everyday, only twice, as there are just too many choices available nearby the hotel haha. Guess in terms of breakfast variety, Day+ Hotel at Chiayi fared better.

Free self-service laundry service is also available on level 6, but I think the hotel should improve on this, as only 1 washing machine & 1 dryer serve all hotel guests on 5 floors till 9pm daily.  So naturally I didn’t manage to use this service with its limited opening hours.

Nonetheless, I would still highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for a comfortable & convenient place to stay when visiting Taipei.:)


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