Chia Te Bakery 佳德糕餅

Taiwan is well-known for its pineapple tarts (凤梨酥).  We did some research online & Chia Te Bakery (佳德糕餅) was highly recommended.

It has only 1 outlet in Taipei, located near Nanjing East Road MRT Station (南京东路捷运站).  As it was near Mid-Autumn Festival for the period we were in Taipei, we read on its website that it was advisable to go to the shop before noon as the quantity of its pineapple tarts would be limited & would be sold out by noon.  Hence we decided to make a trip down to its shop on Monday morning before going anywhere else.

We were a bit confused where to take a bus to Chia Te from Nanjing East Road MRT Station so we asked a kind passerby if she would know.  Probably this is really a famous brand in Taiwan, the lady immediately pointed us to the right bus stop.  You should exit the station from the Nanjing East Road exit then cross the road to get to the bus stop opposite the station & take any of the buses: 46, 204, 204區, 248, 277, 279, 282, 306, 306區, 604 then alight 3 stops later.  You will be able to see the bakery when you alight.

A very long snaking queue “greeted” us in front of the shop, up till 3 shops away! :O

The start of the queue

Since we already made our way there, we joined the queue & soon a bakery staff came & explained that each person could only buy up to 2 boxes of pineapple tarts & 1 box of either pineapple yolk tart (凤黄稣) or cranberry tart (蔓越梅酥), irregardless of the size of the box.

We only managed to get into the shop after queuing for 40 min!  Thus we both decided to buy the big box (20 tarts each) so as not to waste our trip haha.  The small box only contains 12 tarts.

Each piece of pineapple tart costs NTD27 each (about S$1.15), while the pineapple yolk tart/ cranberry tart costs NTD32 per piece (about S$1.35).  I like that its tarts are not too sweet, and its fillings are generous.  I could taste the real fruit in the tart, so for the cranberry tart, I ate one which was quite sour, while another sweet.  Compared to 2 other brands I sampled in shopping malls (Vigor 维格饼家 & Shun De 顺德), I think Chia Te’s tarts fare better in terms of texture, taste & filling.

Oh, not forgetting, majority of the customers who faithfully queued for the tarts looked like locals, not tourists, & some even returned to the queue after buying 3 big boxes!  So I guess we made the right choice in buying from Chia Te. 🙂


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