Shida Night Market 师大夜市

After an afternoon of “lazing” at 2 cafes in Yongkang Street, we found our way to Shida Night Market (师大夜市) – a popular night market in Taipei located next to National Taiwan Normal University (国立台湾师范大学).  It got its name because of its proximity to the university.

Delighted to see the “Taiwan NIE” as it meant we would reach Shida Night Market soon ^^

Amazingly we managed to navigate our way from Yongkang Street to Shida Night Market in less than 30 min, though a local warned us that it wouldn’t be easy to walk to the night market.  Upon reaching the night market, we could see that there were more foreigners here than elsewhere in Taipei, & the crowd was also younger.  I assumed they were students from the nearby university.  The shops were just getting ready for business when we arrived slightly after 5pm.  I was pretty excited to see a lot of clothing shops, all competitively priced.  Soon, I bought a dress & 2 jackets for work at the Miss Lily boutique.  Could have bought more at this boutique as the dresses were all lovely but I told myself to control hehe.

It was time to look for good food for our dinner after my “spree”.  Having read good reviews online about the Lantern Hot Stew (灯笼卤味, 台北市大安区龙泉街52号), I was glad that it didn’t take too long for us to find the shop, as the night market isn’t that big.

灯笼卤味 – wide selection of ingredients to choose from

The Lantern Hot Stew is like the ampang yong tau foo we are familiar with in Singapore.  First we had to queue to pick the ingredients we want from the stall with a pink basket & a pair of tongs.  The aunty at the stall recommended us the pig’s blood cake & we took it, together with other “safe” items like tofu & radish.  I read online that the “Prince Noodles” (王子面) is a must-pick so I specifically asked for that, which the aunty took from behind the counter, where the packaging is yellow with a picture of a cute little boy.

After selecting the ingredients, we passed the basket to the aunty & proceeded to join another queue to wait for our food to be cooked.  It was quite fast but I had to make sure I collected the plate with my selected ingredients as there was no number system to track whose food it was.  The only thing the uncle would say was one or two ingredients in the basket that you pass to him, so I had to be alert & fortunately I think I got the right plate. 😛

Our plate of hot stew 🙂

We took about 7 items including the prince noodles & paid NTD210 (about S$9). It really was very tasty, & the prince noodles was really Q & chewy.  I asked the uncle to put chilli on my plate besides their special braised sauce, & I personally thought the taste was superb, i.e. if you like spicy food. 🙂  A generous amount of salted vegetable was also poured onto our plate & it added crunch to the other ingredients.  Even the pig’s blood cake which I was hesitant about was great, very chewy texture.

Oh to dine in at the shop behind the stall, one has to spend a minimum of NTD30, not including the hot stew.  This wasn’t a difficult task as the drinks all cost at least NTD30.  I ordered the Apple Green Tea (NTD35, about S$1.50) which was a refreshing drink to complement the strong flavour from the hot stew.  There are 2 floors at this shop, but we managed to get a table on the first floor, probably as it was a Monday so not as crowded as compared to weekends.

We spotted a similar shop selling lantern hot stew that has the red lanterns as well a few stalls away.  It wasn’t as crowded as the one we went to, so be careful not to go to the wrong shop if you want to eat at the highly recommended stall like me. 😉

It was a very satisfying & filling dinner, & we continued to browse the shops after dinner.  There is another Miss Lily boutique, & many other nice little boutiques.  The night market is not very big, so we managed to cover it within 3 hours.  I enjoyed Shida Night Market very much for its wide selection of fashionable shopping, glad that I came here on a weekday when it’s not too crowded.  In fact it is a cheaper place to buy trendy outfits than other night markets in Taipei, & reminds me of Ewwa Women’s Shopping Street in Seoul.  Will definitely return next time for more good buys! 🙂

NB: The nearest MRT Station to Shida Night Market is Taipower MRT Station (台电大楼捷运站). Use exit 3 & walk along Shida Road for about 5-10 min & you should be able to see the night market.


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