Ximending (西门町) Again ;)

It was our last day in Taiwan & we started the day very early – 12.45 am to be exact hehe.  So early because we wanted to experience for ourselves the karaoke in Taiwan. 😉

Nearby Just Sleep Hotel Ximending is the popular Cashbox Partyworld KTV (钱柜 Partyworld) just in front of exit 5, Ximen MRT Station.  At first, we couldn’t recognise that the building in front of us was actually a karaoke joint as it looks posh, more like a hotel, so different from the KTVs we have in Singapore!

Cashbox Partyworld lobby simply looks like a hotel!

Entrance to Cashbox Partyworld lobby

It was a Wednesday late-night (or rather Thursday early morning) so there wasn’t many people at the karaoke joint.  The late-night package was: as long as you check-in by 1am you would be paying for a 3-hour package but get another 3 hours free.  The package consisted of per-head charges for 2 persons & we had to consume a minimum amount of food &/or drinks, but it was easy to reach the minimum amount.  We only had to order a jug of juice to share & that minimum charge was settled.

When we entered our room on level 10, I was pleasantly surprised at how big the room was for just 2 of us.  It could comfortably sit 6-8 pax.  Then shortly I discovered that we had a private toilet in the room, which the waiter proudly said “most karaoke joints have private toilets in the karaoke rooms in Taiwan”!  I thought I appeared quite “suaku” by asking him that lol.

Our karaoke room (toilet on the right)

Fried Chicken Wings & jug of aloe vera juice

The sound system was wonderful, the song electronic menu pretty easy to use, & we had a huge LCD screen to play all the songs we requested.  A very good experience I must say!  I had 1 grouse when trying to search for songs though, they don’t seem to sort by hanyu pinyin for Chinese pop songs!  Another weird thing we thought was, Taiwan is so crazy with anything Korean now, but how come the selection of Korean pop songs is so pathetic? -_-“

Although we could sing till almost 7 am, we were too tired after 4 hours & I requested to go back to the hotel to rest. 😛  The bill came to NTD924 (excluding the fried chicken wings my friend ordered separately) which was slightly below S$20 per person.  This is really a reasonable price to pay for 6 hours of singing & a big jug of yummy juice (that is if we stayed till 7am hee).  I would love to come here to sing if i visit Taipei again. 🙂

After about 5 hours of sleep & some last minute packing, we checked out of Just Sleep Hotel Ximending at noon.  We went out to buy our last meal in Taipei & noticed that it was pouring heavily.  Yong He Soy Beancurd (永和豆浆大王) is located nearby the hotel so I decided to give it a try, as I thought the soya beancurd at 永和豆浆 Singapore was pretty good.  There are 3 outlets in Ximending but I went to the one just down the street from the back of the hotel.

The outlet nearest our hotel

Soy Beancurd & Shao Bing Youtiao

Since it was already noon, the shop was quite empty, unlike in the mornings when there will be many people queuing up for their breakfast.  I ordered the warm soy beancurd (温豆浆 NTD15, about S$0.65) and shao bing youtiao (烧饼油条 NTD25, about S$1.10) to take away.  It was quite a disappointing last meal, as the shao bing youtiao was not warm enough, and quite tough instead of crispy.  The soy beancurd was a bit diluted and not very sweet.  How come the one in Singapore is so much better?  Sigh……  Fortunately I bought my last cup of Pearl Milk Tea from an unknown store on the way back to the hotel which didn’t disappoint me.

We couldn’t go out to do last minute shopping given the downpour.  Furthermore our luggages were very packed already, so we just stayed at the hotel cafe till it was time to say goodbye to Taiwan.

Overall, my first Taiwan holiday has been a fruitful trip!  Although we didn’t manage to get to some destinations as planned, e.g. Alishan Sisters’ Pond (阿里山姐妹潭), some cafes in Zhongshan & Yong Kang Street, but we also went to some great attractions that were not planned, like Shifen & Taipei 101.  There are definitely lots more to explore and I would sure hope to visit the other parts of Taiwan next time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ximending (西门町) Again ;)

  1. I have already bookmarked your blog under my favourites tab! Haha! Your info on Taiwan is excellent and the pics so nice! My itinerary is almost identical to yours and it’s really great to know that all those things you’ve done, I’ll be doing it soon! AND we booked Just Sleep Hotel too!


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