Star Hotel 丝达尔 正义馆

Over the recent Vesak Day long weekend, I went to Taipei on a 4D 3N corporate retreat, 8 months after my first trip to Taiwan last September!  This time round, I didn’t get to stay at the central area like Ximending, instead we stayed at Star Hotel (丝达尔 正义馆) which was located about 10 minutes away from Taipei Bridge Station (台北桥捷运站).  Think the line that Taipei Bridge Station is on is a new extension to their train network as some of the tourist maps didn’t show this Fu Jen University line.

How to get to Star Hotel from Taipei Bridge Station

How to get to Star Hotel from Taipei Bridge Station

The hotel is a boutique hotel located along a row of old shophouses. When the local tour guide told us we had reached the hotel on our first day, I was wondering why he dropped us off there when I couldn’t see any hotel building or signage.  It was only later I realised that the hotel signage was not distinctive enough as a typical hotel lol.  I didn’t take a picture of how it looks like along the road, but here is the inner signage which looks ok 😛

Star Hotel Signage

Star Hotel Signage

There was renovation going on in the hotel and we could see construction materials piling at the back of the hotel.  The hotel lobby is quite small and 3 cargo-like elevators were scattered in different locations.  As we were in batch 2 of the retreat, most of us were given rooms in lower floors from level 3 to 5.

Our room is quite normal, nothing to wow about compared to my previous better Taiwan hotel experiences. There was no shower screen to separate the shower from the toilet bowl and basin! So after shower the whole bathroom floor would be wet. -_-“

Our room 326

Our room 326

The toilet

The bathroom

We stayed 3 nights in the same hotel, and I realised that they didn’t seem to do a thorough cleaning of the room. On the second day when we went back to our room to rest at night, I noticed that the floor mat to the bathroom had footprints that we left on our first night. 😦  In addition, there was no hook behind the bathroom door for hanging clothes, no hook anywhere in the bathroom too… Some of my colleagues had air-conditioners in their rooms that were faulty with no means to successfully adjust the temperature, and the service staff’s advice was simply “just turn it off then switch it back on when you feel hot”.  -_-“

The “saviour” for this hotel was that the free wifi signal was pretty strong and our beds were very comfortable – not too soft yet not hard, great for sleeping through the night!

Don’t think I will return to this hotel next time if I visit Taipei, since its location is a bit off from the central Taipei Station and main attractions, plus nothing fantastic about its room and breakfast too!


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