Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites

Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites was the 5th hotel we stayed for our trip and the most “memorable” hotel, in a bad light. I shall explain why after showing you the pictures we took.

Simple hotel lobby & reception

Plain hotel lobby & reception

Our little hotel room with a "balcony"

Our little hotel room with a “balcony”

See how dated the television is!

See how dated the television is (it’s in the old wooden cabinet)!

The tiny & dated bathroom

The tiny & dated bathroom

After viewing the photos, hope you have some idea why it’s a “memorable” hotel in a bad light now? 😛 The hotel lobby and reception looks really plain compared to the other hotels we stayed in (including those I have yet to post), but that is not the main point. The main point is about our little hotel room and the service provided.

We were given 2 room keys that could not open our room door at all, and had to return to the reception to get the right keys that function. However it was only the next morning after we returned from breakfast that we realised only 1 key was functioning properly. 😦 In addition when I tried to use the hairdryer in the bathroom, it immediately fused. I called Housekeeping to report this fault and she didn’t seem to believe that it happened, insisting I had to reset the hairdryer switch first. After I repeated myself, she told me she would send a technician to come and fix the problem soon. However about 20 minutes later, the technician still did not come and I had to call again, only to get the same insistence about resetting the switch, then promising that the technician would come in 5 minutes. The technician never came in the end… 😦

If you look at the room photos above, you would have noticed an old wooden cabinet with a television inside. Gosh, it’s not the typical flatscreen TV but a big chunky TV! We were shocked to see that when we got into our room. Furthermore, the room, including the bathroom, was not as spacious as the other hotels we stayed in. The balcony that the hotel website “boasted” was disappointingly dirty and tiny, with a “typical coffeeshop chair (think Singapore kopitiam)”. The beds and pillows were also not as comfortable as other hotels. I couldn’t sleep well that night because of this, plus the fact that our room was right next to the old elevators where there was a lot of noise in the night.

Furthermore, I don’t know why the hotel website says it is located near a number of shopping, dining and entertainment options, when we actually could not see anything around the hotel except the highway, not even a convenience store beside the hotel.

Lastly, the breakfast restaurant only opens from 7am, unlike other hotels where the breakfast hours are usually from 6 to 10am. There was already a queue in front of the restaurant before 7am but entry was not allowed. We realised that this hotel is popular with tour groups and there were at least 2 other tour groups staying there for the same period as us, hence the breakfast restaurant was super crowded with guests “fighting” for the limited food and rushing to fill their stomachs before their departure at 8am. The food also really sucked here, most of them were hard as rock! Really quite a terrible breakfast to swallow…

To conclude, I would definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone who is thinking of staying at Toronto, not even for a night.


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