Duty Free Canada

Before we left Canada via the province of Quebec customs to US state of Vermont, we were (finally) allowed to shop in a duty free shop for about an hour! Woohoo~

Seriously when we were told that we could have some shopping time to spend away whatever Canadian dollars left, my friend and I were sceptical about what we could buy in Canada. However our tour leader highlighted to us that some of the brands for bags and perfumes found here may even be cheaper than in USA. Furthermore, we could also buy Canadian specialties such as icewine, maple syrup products etc. In fact Ontario is Canada’s icewine capital, accounting for 95% of the country’s production. The other major icewine-making country is Germany, and not many countries in the world has the right climate for icewine production.

True enough, after browsing the duty free shop offering products from food & beverages including alcohol, souvenirs, accessories, bags, to cosmetics and perfumes, we realised it was indeed a good bargain to grab many of the items. For instance, the perfumes we bought (DKNY Golden Delicious for myself and CK for my friend) were at least 10% cheaper than the DFS price in Singapore. Even the maple syrup and icewine chocolates as well as lollipop were cheaper than those we bought in the cities before tax.

I would say the main “discovery” we made in the shop was how nice the icewine is! Hehe before this, we had never tasted icewine but heard it is very nice. Fortunately there were free samples in the shop for the red icewine and white icewine they sell. I usually prefer white wine to red wine but the sampling changed my perception of red wine. The red wine was really good, no bitter taste at all! So almost all of us in the tour group bought the icewine. As I take ages to finish 1 bottle of alcohol, I decided to buy a pack of 6 x 50ml icewines (combination of red & white icewines at CAD 49.95, about S$61) instead of the big bottles. The 1-litre bottle was selling at 3 for CAD 100, really value for money for wine lovers. 🙂

I spent almost all my remaining CAD here, but felt it was all worthwhile. Sorry no pictures were taken here except for a picture of my “loot” hehe……

My good buys at the duty free shop :)

My good buys at the duty free shop 🙂



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