Times Square Once Again

As it was a rainy day on day 2 when we visited Times Square in New York City, some tour members in our group requested to visit the famous “The Crossroads of the World” again after shopping at Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall.

Times Square, located in Midtown Manhattan, the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District, is one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections, and a major centre of the world’s entertainment industry. According to statistics, approximately a third of a million people pass through Times Square daily, many of whom are either tourists or people working in the area. I definitely believe that Times Square is the world’s most visited tourist attraction, because on both occasions that we visited the place, it was bustling with locals and tourists from all around the world, rain or shine. 🙂

It was indeed a great day to revisit Times Square with the bright and sunny weather that afternoon. We wandered around to take pictures, window shopped and happily immersed ourselves in the “vibrant air” haha. There were many artists along Broadway whom you can ask to take photos with for a fee, and they wore daring outfits (or don’t wear anything except painting body art on themselves), or act as some popular movie characters to attract tourists’ attention. Alhough I had very little cash left after the spree at Westfield, I still succumbed to temptation at the Hard Rock Cafe at Broadway and bought a piece of lady’s tee with my credit card. 😛

Here are some pictures we took of the attraction for your viewing pleasure…




Finally Hard Rock Cafe at TImes Square! 🙂

I really hope to watch a Broadway show here soon!

I really hope to watch a Broadway show here soon!

This is really a bustling city with lots of modern world creations for one to experience, but of course, with such heavy human traffic, you need to be very careful of your personal belongings and safety. After about 1.5 hours, we had to leave Times Square, New York City to catch our flight at JFK International Airport, which meant our happy holiday was ending. Sigh, good times always fly! 😦

Hopefully I will be back here again, for a Broadway theatre experience at the REAL Broadway! 😉


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