Hong Kong, Not Just a Shopping Paradise :)

Having been to Hong Kong 4 times, the agenda was always “Eat & Shop” (买东西、吃东西) previously. So this time, being my first solo overseas leisure trip, I decided to try out something different. It helped that my friend who is working in Hong Kong enjoys hiking in Hong Kong these days, so that led me to search more information online for the rustic side of the country.

My original plan was to hike at the Dragon’s Back (Best Urban Hiking Trail in Asia by Time Asia Edition) with my friend, visit Tai O, Sai Kung and Yuen Long for the scenery & good food. However, sad to say the weather is really unpredictable these days, with the destructive Typhoon Haiyan happening last weekend, causing gloomy & rainy weather in Hong Kong so it was not possible to hike. Guess it’s still fortunate that Hong Kong was not greatly affected like other countries such as Philippines, so I shan’t complain too much! My condolences go out to the victims of this typhoon disaster…

Therefore, in the upcoming posts of my Hong Kong trip, you will mainly see my experience on “Eat & Sightseeing” (吃东西、看东西) as opposed to “Eat & Shop” :P. I did shop at some places, but never bought a lot of things except some food to bring home such as “wife cakes” (老婆饼). In fact I tried to shop at Lai Chi Kok, one of my favourite shopping places for good bargains but didn’t buy anything at all as they were selling all the winter stuff.

Before I forget, I strongly recommend you to get the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM card to remain contactable and access internet when in Hong Kong, especially when you don’t really get a lot of free wifi access in the country. It is a very good deal at HK$88 (about S$14.20) for 7-days unlimited data access and a simple flat rate of HK$0.10/min for local calls.


One2free power prepaid SIM card pack

This prepaid SIM card is from CSL, & its data network is pretty strong. I could access internet quite smoothly regardless of where I was, underground, rural areas etc. I bought the SIM card upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport level 7 departure hall. The 1010 shop (CSL) is at the end of section F near to the departure gate. There were quite a number of foreigners queuing to buy the SIM card as well when I arrived. The staff even helped me insert the card and activate the line on the spot. Alternatively, you can also buy this at any Circle K, VanGo or 7-11 store.

That’s about it for now… Do stay tuned for the upcoming posts on all those yummy (sometimes not so yummy) food I ate plus the sightseeing I did! 🙂

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