Via Tokyo Japanese Dessert Cafe

I thought the only desserts I would eat in Hong Kong would be from Hui Lau Shan (许留山), Honeymoon Desserts (满记甜品) & the likes of it. But a whatsapp message from my friend in Singapore while I was shopping at the Uniqlo flagship store @Causeway Bay made me decide to try out Japanese desserts in Hong Kong, all because the picture she sent to me looked pretty & appetising & I was just in the vicinity of Via Tokyo. Apparently this Japanese dessert cafe is now very popular in Hong Kong & famous for its soft serve matcha ice cream. 🙂

The cafe is located along Leighton Road, quite a walk from Causeway Bay MTR (unless you are very familiar with the area as I always find Causeway Bay like a maze :P) See below map for the directions from Causeway Bay MTR to the cafe:

A is the MTR station, B is the cafe

A is the MTR station, B is the cafe

When my friend & I finally found the cafe, we realised that it is quite small & a short queue was formed outside the cafe waiting to get in.

Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo

While we were queuing, the waitress passed us a takeaway menu for us to decide what to order. Prices of the dessert start from HK$29 (about S$4.70) for a small bowl of Anmitsu (馅蜜) with the most costly at HK$50 (about S$8.10) for a bowl of Fruit Matcha Soft Cream Shiratama Anmitsu (生果抹茶雪糕白玉馅蜜). As my friend doesn’t really like the taste of matcha ice cream, we ordered a recommended dessert – Okome Shiratama Azuki Mix Soft Cream (脆迷白玉红豆抹茶牛奶雪糕) which is actually matcha mixed with vanilla ice cream so that she still could try a bit haha.

My dessert HK$47

My dessert HK$47 (S$7.60)

I was surprised that it was only a small cup of dessert when the menu looked like it would be put in a bowl. The ice cream was really smooth & felt like it would melt in the mouth. Furthermore there was a fragrant matcha taste, but really it was quite an expensive cup of dessert considering the cup size & the price I paid. I ended up eating most of it as the matcha scent was too strong till my friend couldn’t take it haha.

Honestly speaking, though the dessert was good, I don’t think I will purposely visit this cafe if I go to Hong Kong again, because:

1. There are so many “authentic” Hong Kong desserts waiting to fill my stomach & I don’t really need to satisfy my Japanese dessert craving when I am in Hong Kong 😛

2. The desserts are neither cheap nor value for money though it was quite yummy. I think I can find comparable Japanese desserts in Singapore at the same or lower price.

Just my 2 cents’ worth above. If you do have a sudden craving for good Japanese matcha desserts when you visit Hong Kong, I think you can just visit Via Tokyo to satisfy that. 😉


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