Cong Sao Star Dessert 聪嫂私房甜品

The dessert I ate at Via Tokyo Japanese Dessert Cafe didn’t seem to be that satisfying, so after some “research” on Openrice Hong Kong for nearby good Hong Kong desserts, my friend suggested we head to Cong Sao Star Dessert (聪嫂私房甜品) along Yiu Wa Street (耀華街, near Causeway Bay Station exit A).

The dessert shop was pretty crowded with customers waiting for their numbers to be called to enter for a refreshing bowl of dessert. From the reviews online, it seems that the durian and beancurd desserts are highly recommended here.

There was a little episode of “star hunting” when we got into Yiu Wa Street. My friend overheard some of the young people who walked past us exclaiming that Julian Cheung Chi-lam (张智霖) was in the area so she got so excited that she started looking for the star than for Cong Sao. 😛 I was still “focused” on finding the shop so I alerted her when we reached the shop-front while she was still searching & calling out for her “Captain Cool”. Gosh! Chi-lam was standing right in front of us & she was dumbfounded when she turned around & saw him! Apparently he was with a big group, amongst them his wife, Anita Yuen Wing-yi (袁咏仪) & Grasshoppers’ Calvin Choy (蔡一智).

Star-spotting at the dessert shop! Can u find them? :)

Star-spotting at the dessert shop! Can u spot them? 🙂

We missed such a great opportunity to take photo together with the big star as we dared not go up directly to Chi-lam although we were so close up with him! My mobile battery also went dead at such “critical” time so I had to leave the “discreet photo-taking” to my friend who used her Iphone (which is well-known for mediocre quality photos as you can see above, lol). I later learnt that this shop was opened by a chef called Brother Cong (聪哥) who used to work in the canteen of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Station and Hong Kong artiste Spencer Leung (梁思浩) in 2003. No wonder the stars also support this shop? 😉

Anyway enough of digression, after quite a long wait, we were finally seated in the shop, but too bad not that close to the star table as we could only sit facing their backs. 😛 As I had already spent quite a bit on that Japanese dessert earlier & was still feeling quite bloated, I decided not to order the recommended durian dessert (though I love durians). Instead we both ordered the grass jelly soy beancurd (凉粉豆腐花):

My dessert costed HK$22 at the Causeway Bay joint

My dessert costed HK$22 at the Causeway Bay joint

It was a thirst-quenching dessert, good for rinsing off the sweet matcha ice cream dessert taste from my mouth haha. The soy beancurd was pretty smooth too. Across our table was a young couple who had the honeydew sago (蜜瓜西米露) & it looked very good with all the crushed ice. If I visit Cong Sao again I will try it! 😉

Do visit the dessert shop if you are in Hong Kong, I think it’s really quite good! Please see below for the outlet details:

聰嫂@銅鑼灣 (Causeway Bay)

Address: 銅鑼灣耀華街11號地舖  Tel: 2278 2622  Opening hours:12:30-00:30

聰嫂@寶琳 (Po Lam)

Address: 將軍澳運亨路1號新都城第一期地下G28舖  Tel: 2706 9955   Opening hours: 12:00-01:00

聰嫂@坑口 (Hang Hau)

Address: 將軍澳厚德邨c西翼G3-G4舖   Tel: 2278 2276   Opening hours: 12:00-01:00


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