All About Steamed Milk Pudding (燉奶)

I have long heard about the 2 cha chan teng (茶餐厅) – Yee Shun Dairy Company (YS, 港澳義順牛奶公司) & Australia Dairy Company (ADC, 澳洲牛奶公司) that specialise in steamed milk pudding (燉奶) but didn’t get to try them out on previous trips to Hong Kong. Although I have heard extreme mixed reviews on both restaurants, I was still keen to try both since I was staying near Jordan Station where they are both located.

I did not deliberately look out for the restaurants but happened to see YS along Pilkem Street (庇利金街) when I walked pass it to get to a footwear shop near Jordan MTR exit C2. Since my stomach wasn’t that full at that time, I popped in & ordered a cold bowl of the famous Steamed Milk in 2 Films (馳名雙皮燉奶 – HK$27, about S$4.40).

Save electricity? The signboard was not lit up when I visited at 4+pm...

Save electricity? The signboard was not lit up when I visited at 4+pm…


Steamed milk in 2 films

My Steamed Milk in 2 Films

Notice a thin layer of film on top of the steamed milk pudding? It tasted a bit like butter but I read online that it’s actually a sheet of coagulated protein (‘scum’). Very smooth & rich milk pudding & after finishing the bowl of dessert, I thought I was full already.:P The staff were all “aunties” & “uncles”, and the one who attended to me was a nice friendly uncle who served my dessert with a smile & even told me to take my time to eat, welcoming me to try their breakfast the next morning if I like what I ate. Quite unusual good service in a Hong Kong cha can teng isn’t it? Or was it because it was not crowded so the servers were quite free? Haha.

Although I was full already, I still walked to Parkes Street (白加士街, just the next street) to buy the steamed milk pudding from ADC, takeaway of course. 😛 ADC was crowded even at 4+pm, with a few people queuing! Without examining the menu, I just ordered the cold Milk Pudding (蛋白炖鲜奶, HK$23, about S$3.70) to take-out as it is the signature dish.

ADC's brightly lit shopfront with the signature milk pudding onset

ADC’s brightly lit shopfront with the signature milk pudding onset

Upon reaching the apartment, I happily showed my friend that I bought us a cold Milk Pudding each as I knew it is her favourite dessert here. However she was surprised I ordered the cold version as she always eats it hot. After eating, she commented that the hot one is still more flavourful. I thought it was nice & milky though it didn’t look appealing. I couldn’t really say between YS & ADC which was better as I felt both were very similar, just that I could really taste the double boiled milk in YS’ version.

On my last day, I went to ADC again to try its breakfast set (HK$28, about S$4.50), available from 7.30am to noon, but I forgot the much-raved about item was the scrambled eggs. Instead I ordered my breakfast asking for fried egg (煎蛋) as I generally don’t fancy scrambled eggs. 😛 The whole restaurant was so packed at 8+am but as I was alone, I could get a seat immediately. However I felt stressed watching people in a rush & eating so fast compared to me. The waiters were not as friendly as YS & appeared to be more impatient, I guess it’s the typical Hong Kong style service, especially when the restaurant is so popular & crowded.

Breakfast set: Butter toast, fried egg & macaroni with ham (tea served later)

Breakfast set: Butter toast, fried egg & macaroni soup with ham (tea served later)

For me, the highlight of this set was the macaroni with ham! When the food was served, my first impression was “gosh, I spent this $ to get such simple food that I eat when I don’t have appetite”. I was wrong, the macaroni soup was very tasty yet didn’t leave me thirsty after finishing the whole plate. Not surprising, the fried egg was very oily, while the butter toast was ok, nothing to wow or complain about. After I finished the food, the waiter came & asked if I wanted coffee or tea (included in the set) so I asked for hot milk tea, which was fragrant, just the kind of milk tea I fancy. 🙂 I was quite full & satisfied with this breakfast, but next time I will remind myself to make an exception by ordering the scrambled egg instead.

Before I left for the airport for my return flight in the late afternoon, I went to ADC for the last time to take-out the hot Milk Pudding, & true enough, like what my friend said, the hot version is more flavourful than the cold version! However I still find both YS & ADC’s Steamed Milk Pudding of similar standard. Next time I shall try the hot Steamed Milk with 2 Films at YS to make a fair comparison hehe.

FYI, ADC has only 1 location at Jordan while YS has 4 outlets in Hong Kong & several outlets in Macau, its origin. See below for their outlet details:

Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司 (Opens daily till around 11pm)

1) G/F, 513 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei 油麻地彌敦道513號地下

Tel: +852 2332 2726.

2) G/F 506 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道506號地下

Tel: +852 2591 1837.

3) 63 Pilkem Street, Jordan 佐敦庇利金街63號

Tel: +852 2730 2799

4) 244 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Prince Edward 太子西洋菜南街244號

Tel: +852 2393 3301

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 

47 Parkes Street, Jordon, Kowloon 佐敦白加士街47-49號地下

Tel: +852 2730-1356. Opening Hours: 7:00am – 11.00pm


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