One Dim Sum 一點心

In 2012, One Dim Sum restaurant (一點心) was awarded one Michelin Star, together with the famous Tim Ho Wan. So I requested my friend to go there together with me for dinner.

When we arrived at the restaurant around 7pm, we saw quite a number of people waiting outside the restaurant already. Since they did not allow reservations when we called by phone, we had no choice but to get a queue number & wait to be called in.

One Dim Sum restaurant, along Tung Choi Street

One Dim Sum restaurant, at the junction of Tung Choi Street & Playing Field Road

It was at least 30 min later before we were finally ushered to a table for 2. Lucky I was not too hungry because I had the steamed milk puddings from both Yee Shun Dairy Company & Australia Dairy Company as afternoon tea. Anyway we quickly placed our order but sadly, the BBQ pork bun (叉烧焗餐包) was already sold out so we couldn’t compare it with the legendary bun from Tim Ho Wan. Take a look at what we had below:

Clockwise from top left: steamed pork dumpling with shrimp, steam rice rolls w/ BBQ pork, pan-fried turnip cake, fried egg rolls

Clockwise from top left: steamed pork dumpling with shrimp, steam rice rolls w/ BBQ pork, pan-fried turnip cake, fried egg rolls

I remember we also ordered the custard buns (香滑奶皇包, HK$13/ S$2.10), but forgot to take picture of it haha. Think it was because the food all came around the same time so I got distracted. Anyway, we were quite disappointed with the bun as we thought the filling would flow out when the bun was opened up, but it didn’t. Nothing too special about the bun to rave about.

Among the 4 items pictured above, my favourite was the steamed rice rolls with BBQ pork (蜜汁叉烧肠, HK$17/ S$2.75). The rice roll was silky smooth & the BBQ pork didn’t have a funny strong smell like the one at Tim Ho Wan. The next item that was quite good was the fried egg rolls (古法炸蛋散, HK$14/ S$2.25). It had a fragrant eggy taste, not too overpowering & the accompanying sauces (think they were honey & milk) went well with the fried egg rolls. Although it was fried, I didn’t feel that it was too oily.

The steamed pork dumpling with shrimp (蟹皇蒸烧卖, HK$20/ S$3.25) and pan-fried turnip cake (香煎萝卜糕, HK$15/ S$2.40) paled in comparison with those at Tim Ho Wan’s. The steamed pork dumpling with shrimp was very average, like what you would find at coffee shop dim sum stalls with not so generous filling. As for the pan-fried turnip cake, I thought it was too oily & couldn’t really taste a lot of the turnip inside.

Aside from the food, the restaurant doesn’t seem to be able to sit that many customers too, but at least it looks a bit more spacious than Tim Ho Wan. We noticed many Caucasians visiting One Dim Sum, with some holding travel guides in their hands. We had a French couple sitting next to us, referring to their guide book often for food recommendations, & they even pointed to one of our dishes to ask what it was then ordered the same to try. Guess the Caucasians must have wanted to try out this dim sum restaurant due to the 2012 Michelin star award? 🙂

Although this time we only ordered 5 items compared to 7 at Tim Ho Wan, we were very full after finishing all the food and couldn’t try the steamed egg cake, steamed fresh shrimp dumplings or glutinous rice dumpling to compare with what we tried at Tim Ho Wan. Our bill was much cheaper than the Tim Ho Wan bill too, at HK$89 / S$14.35 for 2 pax!

I actually went back to take-out the BBQ pork bun (叉烧焗餐包, HK$14/ S$2.25) on the next day when I passed by the area. It was a disappointing dish because it tasted like a normal bread bun stuffed with BBQ pork that we can get from neighbourhood confectionery in Singapore. You can see for yourself in the picture below:

BBQ pork bun (叉烧焗餐包)

BBQ pork bun (叉烧焗餐包)

The BBQ pork filling was quite tasty, but it left a sweet aftertaste in the mouth. When we looked at the menu that day & saw that this item is HK$5 cheaper than Tim Ho Wan’s, we were quite surprised. But now we know why, they are of totally different texture. The bun was quite oily too.

To summarise, I don’t think it’s worth the wait to sink your teeth into the dim sum available here, because there is no exceptionally outstanding item that is famous enough for you to keep wanting to go back. Probably I will try out one more time on the other dim sum available if I happen to be in the area & the queue is really short. That’s about it, no wonder they lost their one Michelin Star this year & only received “The Bibs Gourmands” award this year. 😛

In any case, please see below for the outlet details if you are still interested to try:

One Dim Sum一點心

Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward

太子運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號 (walking distance from Prince Edward MTR exit A).

Tel: +852 2789 2280/ +852 2789 2180

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 12:30am


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