Kam Wah Café (金華冰廳)

I love pineapple buns with butter (菠蘿牛油包) so naturally I had to hunt down the best (or at least highly recommended) 菠蘿牛油包 when in Hong Kong right? My research online told me that I should head to Kam Wah Café (金華冰廳) near Prince Edward station. 🙂

Kam Wah Café - a traditional cha chan teng

Kam Wah Café – a traditional cha chan teng

It was a late start to my day as I only arrived at the cha can teng (茶餐厅) slightly before 11am. The café was still quite crowded but since I was alone, I didn’t have problem finding a seat (as usual, I had to share table with others). The café wasn’t very prominent so I had to examine each shop signage along the street closely as I approached Bute Street (弼街) to make sure I didn’t miss the café. 😛

I took a while to read the wordy menu (no pictures of yummy food) & then decided to just have the famous pineapple bun with butter (得獎菠蘿油), egg tart (馳名酥皮蛋撻) & a cup of hot coffee with tea, i.e. yuan yang (鸳鸯). Afterall, I didn’t have anyone to share the food with, so it’s better to just stick to my favourite 菠蘿油 & not order too much hehe.

A good breakfast (more like brunch given the time!) :P

A good breakfast (more like brunch given the time!) 😛

The pineapple bun with butter (HK$8 = S$1.30) was really good! The crust was lightly toasted till crisp, the butter was just of the right texture – not too hard or soft, & the fluffy bun was simply fragrant. 🙂

Pairing the yummy bun with a cup of hot yuan yang (HK$14 = S$2.25) was just the kind of breakfast I like. I wouldn’t say the yuan yang here was fantastic, but it was alright, nothing to complain about. Strangely the yuan yang in Hong Kong usually has a stronger coffee taste than tea taste. Guess the locals prefer more coffee taste instead? 😉

Sadly, the egg tart (HK$4 = S$0.65) was just average. Its crust was supposed to be crispy, but it wasn’t the case for me. I felt the egg tart was pretty oily & sweet. I definitely expected something better than this. It was just like the usual egg tart I can get from neighbourhood confectioneries in Singapore.

Online reviews had mentioned about the waiters clearing your tables too fast, i.e. making you swallow your food & drink quickly, but luckily I didn’t get such treatment. In fact I thought it was still alright here without feeling stressed that you have to make way for some other customers wanting to get a bite of the food here. Or maybe it was because I visited the café late hehe.

To conclude, I think this is a cha can teng worth visiting if you would like to experience the typical local fare in Hong Kong. Do what the locals do!

To get to the café, alight at Prince Edward station (red Tsuen Wan line/ green Kwun Tong line) & exit at B2 (between Tung Choi St & Sai Yeung Choi St.). Cross over to the right side of the street, go straight ahead & turn left at the Bute Street junction. The exact address is as follows:

G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward. 太子弼街47號地下

Tel: +852 2392 6830. Opening hours: 6.30 am – 12.00 am


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