Chopsticks Kee 筷子記

Chopsticks Kee (筷子記) is a little eatery selling uniquely Hong Kong fare – noodles that are similar to che zai mian (车仔面). My friend brought me there for dinner on Monday, after I told her I would like to try che zai mian as I hadn’t eaten that in Hong Kong yet.

The eatery is located near Central station on the blue Hong Kong Island line. It is about 6 min walk from exit D2.

A = Central station exit D2 B = Chopsticks Kee

A = Central station exit D2
B = Chopsticks Kee

The entrance to the small & longish eatery was pretty dark when we reached around 8pm but there were still several tables filled. After grabbing our seats right inside the eatery, I began to examine the rather complicated menu, which has so many “instructions” to follow! I had to seek my friend’s help to explain to me the ordering mechanism here. Apparently you choose the type of noodles you want, dry (捞面) or soup version (汤面), then select the ingredients you want to put into your plate/ bowl of noodles, & finally you also choose the type of gravy to go with your noodles.

The wordy menu in traditional Chinese

The wordy menu in traditional Chinese

Did you notice next to the eatery name 筷子記, it says 澳门平民面食茶档, which means “noodle + tea stall for the common folks in Macau”? Seems like it started out as an eatery for the mass working class?

After reading what the eatery has to offer carefully, I decided to ask for 4 items on my plate of dry thick noodles (粗面) – kai lan vegetables (芥篮菜), curry fish balls (咖喱鱼蛋), tofu (路环香腐角) and large intestines (猪大肠), with the recommended sha cha sauce (沙茶酱) as gravy for my noodles. We also ordered a soft drink each.


My dinner is the pic on the top left hand side of this collage while my friend’s noodles with satay gravy is the one on the bottom right

I paid HK$37 (S$6) for my dinner (noodles + drink). The portion was very big & we both couldn’t finish our yummy noodles.

It was a simple yet satisfying dinner at Chopsticks Kee, thanks to my friend for recommending this eatery to me. If not I don’t think I would have known this place as it is not as well known as some other eateries. Do pop by the eatery next time if you are in Central when you don’t feel like eating something too elaborate or expensive. 😉

See below for the address & opening hours:

Address: Shop A1, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 85-89 Wellington Street, Central. 中環威靈頓街85-89號群英商業大廈A1舖

Tel: +852 2854 9969

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm daily


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