Balmoral on York (Launceston)

It has always been my wish to visit Tasmania for its natural landscape. Since I have the time now, & my last visit to Australia was 18 years ago, I decided if not now, then when? 😉

Having had a tiring & long travelling time of 11 hours, I was dead beat as I couldn’t get much sleep on board. Fortunately the Launceston airporter shuttle (one-way trip A$18, round trip A$32) was already waiting outside the airport arrival terminal & within half an hour or so, I reached the hotel where I would be staying at – Balmoral on York.

The Launceston Airporter Shuttle Service

The Launceston Airporter Shuttle Service

Balmoral on York is a small hotel with only 4 floors of rooms available. I was fortunate enough that they already have a few ready rooms for the room type I booked via Expedia. Thus when I got into my room it was barely 11am (official check-in time is from 2pm).

The hotel decor is pretty dated – there is only 1 elevator in this little hotel which is very “old school” & when it reaches the desired floor, it will “suddenly fall” like trying to give us some thrill. 😛 My room decor is also not as modern as I imagined, but luckily it was very clean.


The above picture shows different views of Balmoral on York – (from top left in a clockwise direction) hotel entrance, my Premier City View room, the shower cum toilet, views of Launceston city from my little balcony.  The bed is very comfortable & I could sleep for 7 hours straight without waking up last night. All the basic amenities are also available in the room, like toiletries, different sizes of towels, as well as 3 chairs & a sofa to relax on. 🙂 Service was also prompt & friendly, When I called Housekeeping to let them know the kettle provided in my room didn’t seem to work, a staff brought me a working kettle within 5 minutes from my phone call!

The hotel booking via Expedia didn’t come with breakfast. However, for a reasonable charge from A$10, I was able to get a decent breakfast for myself. I had the “Corporate Express” breakfast one of the mornings, cost A$10 (S$11.80). The breakfast included a selection of juices, tea & coffee selection from the buffet and free flow of toast with a selection of preserves (jams). I had 2 or 3 slices of toast, tried a few preserves, and also had apple juice and tea, enough to kick start my day 🙂

A simple but filling breakfast :)

A simple but filling breakfast 🙂

Guess there aren’t many bad points for this hotel. Just that it is located on 1 end of York Street where you have to always walk up the slope (a bit steep) to return to the hotel to rest, as most of the “city action” like restaurants and shopping are located down-slope. In addition, there aren’t any nearby convenience store or supermarket for me to stock up some food! 😛 Yesterday I had to walk about 10 minutes to reach the nearest supermarket – Coles.

Nonetheless I would think this is quite a value-for-money accommodation to consider should you visit Launceston, unless of course, you are so upset about the above “bad points” I mentioned. 🙂

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