Stillwater Restaurant & Cafe

One of the highly recommended restaurants I read about in Launceston is Stillwater, located near the famous Cataract Gorge on 2 Bridge Road. It is open daily for breakfast and lunch and Tuesday to Saturday for dinner. I checked out the restaurant website before my holidays and found that its breakfast menu was pretty enticing, and at least more affordable than its lunch and dinner menus. 😛 Hence just to be safe, before my trip, I emailed them for breakfast reservations on my second day in Launceston. 😉

The restaurant was about 20 min by foot from Balmoral on York hotel. I had to first walk down York Street (turn left when facing the street in front of hotel), then turn right onto Charles Street, and then left onto Paterson Street and continue ahead till the end of the street with the restaurant on the right. At first, it sounded far for a “city girl” like me from Singapore. But once you get the hang of things in Launceston city, everywhere seems to be accessible and best by foot haha.

I was greeted by a nice little “house” after 20 min of walking on a cool windy morning:

Stillwater Restaurant & Cafe

Stillwater Restaurant & Cafe

Simple yet comfortable interiors

Simple yet comfortable interiors

There were only 2 tables filled when I reached around 8.40am. I chose a table by the window so as to get some sunshine & view of the Tamar River. Ordering my food was easy as I already knew I wanted to try their Eggs Benedict (A$20, S$23.50). 🙂 I needed some caffeine to perk me up but being adventurous, I decided to order a small shot of Macchiato (A$3.50, S$4.10), something I never tried before instead of the usual cappuccino or latte.

The poached eggs were well done with a generous portion of shaved leg ham on the ciabatta toast. As for the Macchiato, I guess sometimes it is good to be conservative, it was too strong and bitter for my liking…


Nonetheless I must say it was a lovely breakfast by the river. Stillwater is definitely worth a trip for fine food if you are in Launceston city! 😀


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