Fish Frenzy in Hobart!

Yes, I heard a lot about great seafood in Tasmania, particularly Hobart. Since the only seafood I can eat is fish, I wanted to hunt down a good fish & chips restaurant in the city. Based on the Hobart tourism booklet, it seems that Fish Frenzy is a highly recommended restaurant for fresh seafood. Besides, it is located in the heart of Hobart’s historic waterfront precinct. Sounds great for a dinner venue, isn’t it?

After spending some time checking out the shops and attractions in town, I walked down to the waterfront which was a straightforward walk down Elizabeth Street. As I didn’t have a proper lunch that day, I was already hungry after the leisure walk and decided to have a super-early dinner!

Elizabeth Street Pier at Franklin Wharf

Elizabeth Street Pier at Franklin Wharf

Wow! Fish Frenzy is just located in the same block as Somerset on the Pier Hobart, the serviced apartment that I had originally wanted to book to get a waterfront view, but chickened out later due to the high cost at this luxurious apartment. 😛

Fish Frenzy restaurant looks big with both indoor and outdoor seating. The view was also lovely by the waterfront. Sitting outdoors would be nice but it was too windy for my comfort so I chose an indoor seat. As it was still very early for dinner at around 4.30pm, there weren’t many customers. On and off there were customers ordering takeaways and I also saw an Asian couple here for a quick meal.

The practice at this restaurant is to order at the front counter and quote your table number so that the food will be served to you once ready. The signature here is the “Fish Frenzy” – 2 pieces of crumbed fish, scallops, calamari & chips, but since I can’t eat calamari, I ordered the “Mixed Fish” instead – 3 pieces of crumbed fish & chips for A$17. Only tomato ketchup was free flow and you have to pay for all other types of sauces like mayonnaise and tartar sauce at A$0.50 each. Initially I didn’t purchase the tartar sauce but I thought the fish was a bit bland although it was very fresh, so I took a lot of the free tomato ketchup and bought 1 tartar sauce. 😛

Sitting indoors by the window, enjoying my Fish & Chips :)

Sitting indoors by the window, enjoying my Fish & Chips 🙂

The portion was huge, luckily I was famished when the food came. As I mentioned above, the fish was very fresh but a bit bland. However the fish & chips were very crisply fried, though the chips was a bit too salty for me. I drank a lot of water to wash down the salt with the big bottle of water provided at my table.:P While waiting for the sun to set at around 5pm, I took my time to eat and enjoy the food.

The waterfront view at 5.02pm

The waterfront view at 5.02pm

At 5.02pm, as you can see from the photo above, it was already getting dark with the sun setting. Too fast for me to capture the moment! -_-” By then I was very full and there was still quite a lot of chips left. I asked to takeaway the remaining chips and I was given a decent Fish Frenzy paper bag to put all the chips & sauce in. That became my “supper” later in the night. 🙂

To be honest, I wouldn’t give an excellent rating for Fish Frenzy despite the highly rated reviews I read. It’s not too bad, but not the most value for money I guess. Happened to find out on its website that it has lunch specials on Mondays to Fridays and the fish & chips cost only A$8.50! Maybe that would be a real bargain… Too bad I missed out the chance to try out and compare other recommended fish & chips restaurant on my subsequent 2 nights at Hobart, maybe next time!


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