Hotel Collins (Hobart)

The second hotel I booked for the holiday was Hotel Collins on 58 Collins Street in Hobart CBD, a convenient location within walking distance to the heart of the city centre and Hobart waterfront.

I took the Tassielink bus from Launceston Cornwall Square Transit Terminal to Hobart CBD. It was a 2.5-hour journey from Launceston, dropping passengers off at Hobart Bus Terminal for a cost of A$35 (about S$41.20). There is only 1 bus every morning, Mondays to Saturdays from Launceston to Hobart. Not sure if it’s because it’s not peak holiday season, but I got a mini-bus that could only sit about 10-15 passengers. But it was good as the bus was comfortable and overall a smooth journey.

As I wasn’t sure if the hotel would allow me to do an early check-in when I reach Hobart at 12pm, I deposited my luggage at the Hobart Bus Terminal so that I could “recee” the town worry-free first. The bus terminal is located at the corner of Brisbane Street so if you turn left after leaving the small terminal, simply walk down Elizabeth Street. At the fourth traffic light junction, turn left into Collins Street. Hotel Collins is on the right after 1 traffic light junction down Collins Street. It is directly opposite the Royal Hobart Private Hospital. Below is a map of the area for your easy reference:

Hotel Collins is loated where the red icon is

Hotel Collins is located where the red icon is

Entrance of Hotel Collins by the side

Entrance of Hotel Collins by the side

It was very cold outside, making the walk around the town not so comfortable and I badly needed some warmth. So I tried my luck at Hotel Collins and was pleasantly surprised that I could check-in already at 12+pm, and was lucky enough to get a room on the 5th level, not that low, considering that the room type I booked is only available from level 1 to 6. The staff at the reception also provided me an informative list of dining, shopping and tourist attractions and a detailed map of the CBD, nice!

There are only 5 rooms on each level and I was allocated a room just in front of the elevator. That didn’t seem too good to me at first due to bad experiences staying in rooms near the elevator as it would usually mean I have to endure the noise of people going in and out of the elevators… Oh well, check out photos of my room first. 😉

Different views of my Queen Room

Different views of my Queen Room

I thought the room was very modern, sleek and well-maintained although it was smaller than the room I had at Balmoral on York. Based on what I read online, this is the latest hotel in Hobart CBD, completed in 2009. It really still looked new to me hehe. A full-length mirror was also fixed just outside the bathroom near the door, convenient for a last-minute check of your appearance before you leave the room for the day? 😉 The kettle provided in the room was also different from the usual we see in other hotels, quite cool to me, so I took a picture to show u haha.

The cool kettle on the cabinet top with snacks & wine on the left

The cool kettle on the cabinet top with snacks & wine on the left

There was also complimentary fresh milk provided in the fridge, as well as daily big red apples available at the hotel reception for hotel guests to eat. I bought breakfast muesli from the nearby supermarket and used the complimentary fresh milk. A cheap, convenient & fuss-free breakfast hehe. Oh and not forgetting that I could see Mount Wellington right from the comfort of my hotel room on a clear day! 🙂

A clear day with good view of Mt Wellington from the comfort of my hotel room

A clear day with good view of Mt Wellington from the comfort of my hotel room

Remember my grouse on having a room directly in front of the elevator? Well, it didn’t pose any problem for me at all throughout my stay. There was no noise at all from the use of elevators or guests moving about and I could sleep in peace every night!

There are several food options nearby, with a Woolworths supermarket just within 5 min walk along Argyle Street near the hotel, open daily from 7am to 9pm. Within 10 min by foot, I would be able to reach the popular Hobart waterfront and further down the road, about 5 min away, is the Salamanca Place with lots of restaurants. There is also a bustling Salamanca market every Saturday from 8.30am to 3pm.

Free wifi was also available everywhere in the hotel, although I was disconnected a few times throughout my stay, not sure why. The only other not-so-good point about the room was, the shower head in the bathroom is fixed and funnily positioned – water sprays out to the side of the partition glass panel instead of to the length of the shower area.

Nonetheless, it was still a wonderful stay with professional hotel staff who attended to all my queries promptly and politely.  What else can you ask for with all the goodies mentioned above? Furthermore, I must say I booked the Standard Queen Room at a great bargain from Expedia, only S$133 per night (without breakfast). Definitely I will be glad to stay at Hotel Collins the next time I visit Hobart again! 🙂


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