Full Day Bruny Island Tour Part I

Bruny Island is an island off the southeastern coast of Tasmania, close to the state’s capital of Hobart. It was the possibility of seeing the wild whales around the island during whale migration (May to July and September to December) that prompted me to find out more about a cruise tour on the island as 1 of the day trips from Hobart.

After doing some homework, I decided on a Full Day Bruny Island Tour with Bruny Island Cruises as it has excellent ratings on Tripadvisor, and also received many awards and accreditation since it began its operations in 1999. It was easy to book the tour as they have daily departures and do not have a “minimum pax” requirement. Online booking is available and payment can be made on the day with either credit card or cash. The full day tour itinerary is as follows:

8.00am    Bus departs Hobart’s waterfront on Franklin Wharf, next to the Constitution Dock Lifting Bridge
10.30am  Arrive at the Bruny Island Cruises Booking Centre in Adventure Bay for morning tea
11.00am  Bruny Island Cruise departs
2.00pm   Cruise concludes followed by lunch
3.15pm    Bus departs for Hobart
5.30pm   Arrive in Hobart, with Hobart hotel drop-off available

We were all told to register and pay at the Franklin Wharf centre by 7.45am. It was a cool windy morning by the waterfront and there seemed to be quite a number of different nationalities who have signed up for the tour.

The Pennicott Wilderness Journey's yellow boat by the waterfront

The Pennicott Wilderness Journey’s yellow boat by the waterfront

Our mini-bus departed Hobart punctually at 8am, with about 10 or so passengers from Australia, USA, Europe and Singapore. The tour guide cum driver was a chatty & energetic young chap (sorry I forgot his name) who gave us information on Bruny Island and what we would expect for the day. Apparently Bruny Island has a size similar to Singapore but only has a population of about 700!? Such a stark contrast! Later on, I went to google about Bruny Island – its total land area is about 370 square metres whereas Singapore has a total land area of about 714 square metres. So I am not sure why it is considered to be the same size as Singapore? Anyway, Bruny Island is made up of a North and South Island which are separated by a narrow isthmus called “The Neck”. Access to the island is by vehicular ferry departing from Kettering, which takes 15 minutes and arrives at Roberts Point on North Bruny. The island is about 100km in length! The longest length of Singapore is from east to west and that is only 50km!

We reached Kettering to catch the vehicular ferry to Bruny Island after 50 min. By then the sky was overcast with dark clouds… *keep fingers crossed it would be fine weather when we take the 3-hour cruise* Check out my gloomy pics from Kettering pier to the bus journey to Adventure Bay.

Look at how dark the sky was at Kettering!

Look at how dark the sky was at Kettering!

Mirambeena Ferry on the right, to transport all vehicles to Bruny Island

Mirambeena Ferry on the right, to transport all vehicles to Bruny Island

4 different views of Bruny Island, from North Island's Robert Point to South Island's Adventure Bay

4 different views of Bruny Island, from North Island’s Robert Point to South Island’s Adventure Bay

As you can see from the pic above, the island looks “deserted” with just vast bushland and sea, no one in sight throughout the 30 min drive from Robert Point in the North to Adventure Bay in the South! We arrived at the small Cruise Centre beachside cafe at Adventure Bay about 10.30am for our morning tea.


Hot tea & blueberry muffin for morning tea

It was quite cold that morning so a hot cup of tea with freshly baked blueberry muffin sounds wonderful right? The tea provided some warmth and comfort hehe. The muffin was delicious, well done! Earlier on at Kettering there is also a little cafe where the tour guide recommended their coffee. He joked that we should grab a coffee there if we could as it has the best coffee around, whereas for Bruny Island Cruises, it is known for its cruises, not coffee, so we shouldn’t pin our hopes on the hot drink during morning tea. 😛 That’s why I chose tea not coffee haha.

After our morning tea, we took a short walk to the pier where we would board the yellow boat for our exciting 3-hour adventure in search of Australian wildlife and coastline! I shall write about the adventure in my next post, stay tuned 🙂

Boarding the yellow boat for our 3-hr adventure!

Boarding the yellow boat for our 3-hr adventure!


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