Arts Centre Melbourne Sunday Market

Every Sunday from 10am – 4pm, the Arts Centre Melbourne’s lawn is filled with local artists and producers showcasing a variety of unique, handmade goods ranging from arts and crafts to freshly made delicacies. Before I arrived in Melbourne, I did not know about this market. It was a staff at Fraser Place Melbourne who suggested I should visit this after going to Queen Victoria Market, as it is an interesting marketplace that is only open every Sunday.

Since I ended the Queen Vic tour pretty early, I decided to give Arts Centre Melbourne Sunday Market a shot as it is not far from the city centre. According to the staff, it is about a 20-30 min stroll to the Sunday Market from the serviced apartment, just a short walk over the bridge from Federation Square.

The Sunday Market has about 80 stalls spread out on the Arts Centre Melbourne lawn in between Hamer Hall and Theatres Building at 100 St. Kilda’s Road, offering locally handmade products. Although it is not as large scale as Queen Vic, the relaxed feel of the craft market just made me glad that it was not a wasted trip.



Not sure if not all the stalls open till 4pm, when I reached there around 3pm, it was quite quiet with less visitors already. You can roughly tell from the photos above I guess. 😉 Nonetheless, I still spent a good hour exploring the artwork, handmade bags, beauty and leather products. Some of the products they sell here are really quite exquisite, but of course they do not come cheap. In the end, I bought a bunch of magnets from an artist who has migrated to Australia a long time ago, his stall was up the steps behind the lawn. I thought the hand-painted magnets were quite unique as each one shows a significant Australian wildlife or landmark, something different from the usual souvenirs, check it out below:

The friendly artist standing proudly in front of his stall, as requested by me :)

The friendly artist standing proudly in front of his stall, as requested by me 🙂

The stalls rotate positions regularly, so remember the stallholder instead of the where the stall was when you last visited. 😉 Besides art & craft, there are a number of food stalls listed on its website, but somehow I missed most of them, what a waste! Next time I shall open my eyes bigger to check out the food there, especially the poffertjes (mini pancakes) and the lovely cupcakes shown on the website! ^^


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