Feng Tian International Hotel (凤天国际大酒店)

We stayed at Feng Tian International Hotel (凤天国际大酒店: 湘西自治州凤凰县凤凰路南径大世界) on the second night after visiting Fenghuang Ancient Town, which was located in the town area and not the ancient town.  The tour guide brought us on a short door-less tram ride from the ancient town to the hotel as coaches are not allowed in the tourist attraction.  The short ride was “exciting” because we had locals who insisted on hopping onto the tram although it was full, by simply “hanging” on the railing while the driver continued to speed! :O

Fortunately the ride did not take too long before we alighted and took a short walk to get to the hotel round the corner.  The location of this hotel seemed to be better than the one at Changsha because it was in the town area with many shops and facilities nearby, though we did not explore after checking-in.

Our hotel room + toilet

Our hotel room + bathroom

The hotel interiors looked similar to the Changsha hotel, just that perhaps the room was a bit smaller and the bathroom “older”.  Elevators were painted in gold colour and reeked of smoke.  Nothing much worse here than first night except that free wifi was only available at the hotel lobby and not in the room (but not much difference to me since I had trouble getting internet connection in the room on the first night too haha).

Air-conditioning in the room was still no good since it is a government policy that room temperatures cannot go below 25 degrees celsius. Breakfast the next day morning was also nothing to be happy about as mainly local oily and spicy fare were served. This hotel is only about 3 years old, completed in 2011 but I wonder why the decor is so dated?

Nonetheless for just a night after visiting the beautiful Fenghuang Ancient Town I think you can still consider this hotel given its proximity to the town area and reasonable price.  Take a look at a photo of the hotel building I took the next morning. 😉



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