Zhangjiajie Mellow Crystal Hotel (张家界梅洛水晶酒店)

Zhangjiajie Mellow Crystal Hotel (张家界梅洛水晶酒店) is a very new hotel, opened only in May 2014 so they have yet to receive their official 5-star rating.  Well, I always love new hotels because they will usually be cleaner and boast modern facilities. 😉

Fortunately, from the time I stepped into the hotel lobby till I reached my hotel room, it did not disappoint me hehe.  Here are photos of the room for your viewing pleasure:

Spacious and brightly lit twin room

Spacious and brightly lit twin room

Separate toilet

Separate toilet

So here's the washing basin/ dressing area & shower

So here’s the wash basin/ dressing area & shower, adjacent to the toilet

I was so happy to finally see white light in the room, especially at the wash basin/ dressing area, because it meant I could see my face clearly and make sure my makeup was right in the morning haha.  The toilet and shower are separated although they are adjacent to each other, which can be good because you don’t need to wait for your roommate to be done with everything in the bathroom before you can go in.  But the inconvenient part is to wash your hands after your toilet business, you have to walk 1 round to get to the washing area.  One grouse about the shower was that there was no hook or hanger inside for you to hang your towel or clothes.  We returned to this hotel on our second last night, and it seemed like the room from our first stay was slightly bigger than the second stay.  Not sure if it was because for the second stay, our room was close to the elevators, while the first stay, our room was somewhere in the middle of the aisle.

I like the simple yet sleek decor in the room with all the new furniture (since the hotel is less than 6 months old when we stayed there :P).  Just too bad that the view from the room was at some construction going on opposite the hotel.  There was free wifi in the room, strong and usually consistent signals (Yay!).  In fact the free wifi was tagged to the room number, which meant that in every room they provide a connection, great!

The breakfast here, like the other 2 hotels reviewed earlier, was not worth too much of a mention.  In fact I don’t really remember the food selection here, just some standard breakfast items typical in Hunan hotels I believe.

As for the location of the hotel, it is in the city centre, but according to the tour guide, there was no worthy shops or facilities nearby for us to venture at night.  We only went to the convenience store on the ground floor at night which was pretty well-stocked with tidbits and drinks.

Generally, I will recommend this hotel if you are looking to stay in Zhangjiajie city.  For its 5-star equivalent facilities at about S$60 a night (based on Agoda rates), it is definitely value for money to me! 🙂


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