Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Terminal 21, a retail mall cum hotel & residence is located in the Watthana district, situated on the Sukhumvit and Asok intersection. It is conveniently linked to BTS Skytrain Asok station exit 1 & Bangkok MRT Sukhumvit station exit 3 with a skywalk.  The complex was opened only in October 2011, still looks quite new & is well maintained.

View of Terminal 21 from Grand Millennium Sukhumvit entrance

View of Terminal 21 from Grand Millennium Sukhumvit entrance

Just a note that although Terminal 21 is said to be opposite Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok (where we stayed) along Asok Road, to get to the main entrance of the mall, you will have to turn right to Sukhumvit Road at the junction.  The mall looks so near to us but yet the walk to get into the building takes about 10 min because of this.

This little minus point aside, the retail mall concept is interesting, like what its pamphlet says, it “brings you to a whole new shopping journey with more than 600 urbanista shops selected from famous local shops”, while “cruising through famous shopping street atmosphere” from around the world.  In fact, the whole mall looks like an airport terminal, with different city themes on each floor.  Even the security guards at the entrance were dressed like those customs officers at airports.  Shopping here isn’t that cheap so we merely window shopped, spending most of our time admiring the beautiful theme decors on each floor & taking photos.  I think this was also 1 of the few times I spent so much time going to the ladies’ restroom in shopping malls hahaha.  Simply because they are also uniquely decorated in their respective themes!  See what I found on the different floors! 😉

LG – Carribean

The theme on this floor is Caribbean Beach Town, decorated with a beach, a sea anchor and a lighthouse.  The gourmet supermarket is here, together with fast food restaurants, banks, bookshops & convenience stores.  I love the bright & colour theme here, made me feel like going to the beach. 🙂

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Beautiful carribean theme Ladies, I don't mind staying longer here :)

Beautiful Carribean theme ladies’ restroom, seriously I don’t mind resting a while more here!

G Floor – Rome

This is where the street level entrance is.  It houses luxury brands & boutiques, with a Heaven of Rome theme.  It is decorated with marble sculptures, Roman mythological figures & well-known paintings.

Even taking a ride on the escalator is like departing for another country!

Even taking a ride on the escalator is like departing for another country!

Beautiful Roman

Beautiful Roman sculpture & fountain

Entrance to the Roman's restroom

Entrance to the Roman’s restroom

Pardon me for not being able to show you the tastefully done restroom interior, because the restroom makes use of full-length mirrors all round to create a very spacious feel, so I wasn’t able to shoot a nice photo without revealing our faces in it. 😛

M Floor – Paris

On this floor, the theme is Champs-Élysées Boulevard and Parisian Boutiques Streets, full of Thai designer boutiques & beauty shops.  Sculptures of Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower can be found here.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos here as they somehow didn’t look good on my camera.

First Floor – Tokyo

This floor is themed after the Nakamise-Dōri Market and happening Harajuku Town.  You can find ladies’ wear here, decorated with sculptures of Sumo, Torii, Samurai and Maneki Neko.  Nothing wow about the restrooms here so I didn’t take any photos.

Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling

Maneki Neko, aka Fortune Cat / 招财猫

Maneki Neko, aka Fortune Cat / 招财猫

Second Floor – London

Over here, it is decorated with iconic red telephone boxes, London’s double-decker buses, London Underground, the Tower Bridge and a Union Jack Flag.  Oxford Street of London is the theme here, with shops selling men’s wear, jeans and sporting goods.

Telephone booth

Iconic red telephone box

The London soldier

The London soldier

London's red double deck bus

London’s red double deck bus

London theme restroom

Third Floor – Istanbul

This floor, housing shops selling footwear, accessories & gifts, is an Istanbul Market Town theme, decorated with Istanbul style lamps.  I only took 1 photo of the beautiful Istanbul style lamps & the restroom didn’t wow us too. 😛


Fourth & Fifth Floor – San Francisco City & Pier

On the 4th floor, it is Chinatown of San Francisco, decorated with sculptures of the San Francisco Trams and Golden Gate Bridge, with many local famous restaurants housed here.  As for the 5th floor, the food court Pier 21 is located here, together with international restaurants, decorated with the theme Fisherman’s Wharf.  We love the decor on these 2 floors including its restrooms, great for cam-whoring. 😛  The S.F. City themed restroom was colourful & cheery but sorry, forgot to take photo without our faces in it, so can’t show you here.

Golden Gate Bridge spanning across both 4th & 5th floors

Golden Gate Bridge spanning across both 4th & 5th floors

Fisherman's Wharf theme restroom on 5th floor

Fisherman’s Wharf theme restroom on 5th floor

In addition, we also had our first meal in Bangkok at Pier 21 food court on the 5th floor.  It was lunch time so the food court was pretty crowded.  We realised that to purchase at the food court, we need to first get a food court card (think minimum amount was ฿100).  Cash payment at the stalls wasn’t allowed.  However, if you are unable to fully utilise the amount in your card within 30 days, you can always get a refund from the counter (which we did after our meal).

I had the spicy medium rice noodles with BBQ pork soup (฿35, abt S$1.50).  Very small portion but rather tasty to me, though my friend didn’t really enjoy it.  It tasted like our local bak chor mee with a Thai twist, with sliced cabbage, char siew (or BBQ pork) & chewy fishballs mixed with the rice noodles, & lots of crushed peanuts added for a nice crunch.

My little portion of spicy noodles was bought at this stall

My little portion of spicy rice noodles was bought at this stall

I also ordered a small portion of Thai sweet sticky rice with mango (also ฿35), but was quite disappointed with the dessert.  The sticky rice was kinda hard & the miserly mango slices not as sweet as I had hoped for.  Do note that the prices at this food court may look wallet-friendly, but the portions are really quite small, maybe that’s the whole idea of getting you to order more food to try. 🙂

One interesting point to note at this food court was, since it was a weekday lunch time that we went, I noticed that there were many lanyards with office passes, or tissue paper etc being placed on the tables, with no one sitting at the tables.  Whoever thought that the “chope culture of seats” using tissue paper & the likes is a “truly Singaporean” culture must be so wrong since the Thais also do it! 😛

Sixth Floor – Hollywood

This is the top floor that is decorated with the Hollywood Sign & an Oscar Statuette.  It houses 8 screens of SF Cinema City, the Fitness First health club, a spa as well as IT & Mobile products.  We didn’t venture on this floor so no photos.

Overall, although this is a retail mall with a higher price point, I think it is still nice coming here to enjoy the different themes & take photos, especially if you are in the vicinity.  Who knows, you may still be able to find some unexpected bargains somehow? 😉


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