Audrey Cafe & Bistro (Thonglo Soi 11)

A cafe & bistro setting inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s costume design & colour scheme in the 1961 American classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Audrey Cafe & Bistro was officially opened in 2011 on Thonglo Soi 11 & remains as the flagship store for the “Audrey” chain, now with 3 other branches including a Petite Audrey at Siam Center 4th floor.  Audrey serves Thai & European dishes, from simple comforts to twisted fusion recipes.

We were attracted to its charming decor and food recommendations posted online by bloggers, hence this was a “must-do” on our list.  Fortunately the flash flood subsided in the late afternoon & we got the hotel to help us book a taxi to go there as we wanted to avoid getting our feet wet again.  However, it was sheer luck that we had to board a taxi that was “flooded” inside, possibly because the previous passengers brought in the rainwater. ;(  So for the entire journey we had to “hang” our feet up in mid-air, & it didn’t help that there was traffic jam due to evening peak hour, & we could only reach after around 45 min. -_-“

We were so relieved upon arrival at Audrey, especially happy to be greeted by this lovely entrance:


Perhaps because of the heavy downpour earlier, the outdoor dining area was closed.  Since it was still early for dinner, at 5+pm, there were only a couple of customers in the restaurant.  We had already read food reviews of Audrey & roughly know what to order, but with quite a variety to choose from, we still took some time as all looked delectable.  The service staff were all quite friendly, particularly 1 waiter who gave us not only recommendations, but was also helpful when I checked with him on directions etc.  My friend commented that Audrey reminded her of Antoinette back in Singapore, with similar ambience but lousy customer service.  Indeed, what a stark contrast. 😛

Here are some photos I took of the charming ambience as well as appetizing food & beverages:

Banyan tree with lights outside Audrey, adding to its charm

Banyan tree with lights outside Audrey, adding to its contemporary charm

I love Audrey's theme!

I love Audrey’s theme!

& these pretty cushions too!

& these pretty cushions too!



We shared all the main dishes – mixed fruits fried rice with crispy fried pork (฿220/ S$9.40), 8-inch thin crust baby pizzas: carbonara & tom yum kung (฿190 each/ S$8.10 each); so that we have room for dessert.  I had originally wanted to order the famous Thai milk tea crepe cake but it wasn’t available on the menu, so we chose the Thai milk tea lava dessert (฿150/ S$6.40) instead.

No regrets for any of the food choices because they were all to our liking!  The fried rice was fragrant & its accompanying fried pork was really crispy.  We also loved the baby pizzas, with crusts so thin & crispy, generous with its toppings too.  The dessert had a strong milk tea flavour, really sweet, but glad the flower petals helped somewhat to neutralize the sweetness.  As for our beverages, the blue “Audrey On My Mind” (฿110/ S$4.70) was pretty refreshing at first as it has a tinge of sour taste mixed with sweetness.  But after a while the sweetness overtook the passion fruit sourness, so it became a bit overbearing for us.  We preferred the green “Lychee Chiller” (฿105/ S$4.50) which has a nice consistent lychee taste.

Both of us felt that this was the best meal for the trip, with a pleasant dining experience to remember in an elegantly decorated restaurant.  The total bill came to ฿1,062/ S$45.30, which we thought was worth the buck as we would never be able to only pay such price for all the food if we were back in Singapore (or Antoinette, just for comparison hehe).  So all the “suffering” in the 45-min taxi journey was worth it afterall! 🙂

I shall end this post with Audrey Cafe & Bistro address & directions on how to get there.  It may be good for you to make reservations before going, especially during meal times as it is a popular hangout. 🙂


136/3 Soi Thonglo11, Vaddhana,
Sukhumvit 55 Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Phone: (66) 02.7126667-8 / 089.000.8090

How to get there:

From BTS Thong Lo station exit 3, it is about 15 to 20 min walk to Audrey.  Head northeast on Route 3 towards Sukhumvit 55 Rd. (Soi Thong Lo).  Then turn left onto Soi Thong Lo 11 after you see a police booth.  Audrey is about 300m down the street.

If you don’t want to walk, then take a taxi there, but try to avoid the peak hours as there will be heavy traffic jam!


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