A Shopping Haven for Ladies – Platinum Fashion Mall

Mention Bangkok and the activity “shopping” immediately comes to mind, especially for ladies.  Before this short trip, I always hear girlfriends commenting on how they enjoy shopping so much in Bangkok, particularly at the famous Platinum Fashion Mall (222 Petchburi Road, Bangkok, Thailand) where it is a very big wholesale mall.  Many times, I wondered why, & so this mall was one of the “must-visit” places on our itinerary since we both had never been here.

There are a total of 6 floors in this mall dedicated to fashion wear, of which 4 floors are for women fashion (from basement to third floor)!  Wohoo~  Men’s fashion can only be found on the 4th floor, while the 5th floor houses children’s wear, accessories, gifts and shoes.  There is a huge food court on the 6th floor, which is also linked to Novotel Platinum Bangkok hotel.  So many floors for ladies, that says a lot of the female spending power potential ya? 😛

Platinum Fashion Mall is just conveniently located opposite Glow Pratunam hotel along Petchburi Road, via access of a skywalk (or overhead bridge as we are used to calling) on the left of Glow Pratunam hotel/ Shibuya 19 entrance.  The nearest BTS station to the mall is Chit Lom, but it is a bit far to walk from Chit Lom, take a taxi or tuk tuk there for the convenience.

View of Platinum Fashion Mall from the skywalk

View of Platinum Fashion Mall from the skywalk

There are just too many little shops in this mall on each floor, so if you see something you like, you should just grab it & not have the “browse first, decide later” mentality.  Because it will be difficult for you to find the exact same shop back after looking through the numerous shops.  Do note that the mall is only open till 8pm daily though I heard after 6pm many shops start to close so it is better to come here early (it opens at 8 am on Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays / 9 am on the rest of the days).

You can’t try on the clothes here, but I heard there are some sellers who will help you to take measurements so that you know which size to buy, or they allow you to try in the fitting room in the restrooms & go back to exchange for the right size if need be.  However, I didn’t personally get them to help take my measurements or try to get an exchange.  The clothes that I bought are all free size & luckily fit me well.  Too bad I am not the petite kind, so I didn’t dare to buy any jumpsuits or bottoms although they all looked so attractive!  Oh btw, I thought that the shops are more interesting on 2nd & 3rd floor for ladies compared to basement (caters to an older age group probably?) & 1st floor.

In addition, as this is a wholesale mall, if you buy more pieces (usually at least 2 pieces) you will be able to get a wholesale price versus just buying 1 piece at the retail price.  Nonetheless the retail price was still very reasonable & affordable compared to what we pay for in Singapore.  The average price per piece of clothing I bought was not even S$8! 😉

Pardon me for the lack of photos of the various levels, but I had to “concentrate” on my shopping experience in order to sniff out the good buys, hence only 1 photo below when I finally remembered this task (on a not-too-crowded 1st floor). 😛

A snapshot of how the mall looks like on level 1

A snapshot of how the mall looks like on level 1

After all the hard leg work to get the best buys, it was time to take a breather & have lunch at the food court on the 6th floor.  This is a large food court compared to the one at Terminal 21, able to sit more than 1,500 people.  I wasn’t feeling too hungry having just munched into a hot crepe from one of the snack kiosks at the basement.  So after browsing the numerous food stalls twice, I finally settled for a bowl of fishball noodles because I decided I have to try a nice sticky rice with mango after eating a lousy one the previous day at Terminal 21. 😛

Delicious spicy fishball noodles ฿35/ S$1.50

Delicious spicy fishball noodles ฿55/ S$2.30

Sticky rice with mango ฿100/ S44.30

Sticky rice with mango ฿100/ S$4.30

Both dishes I had were delicious.  The fishball noodles had a lot of ingredients put into the soup – QQ fishballs, cripsy fried wanton skin & fish cake slices in Thai-style spicy glass noodles.  The sticky rice with mango did not disappoint me finally.  The sticky rice texture was just nice and chewy, accompanied by the sweet mango slices.  The prices here may look higher than Pier 21 food court at Terminal 21, but I think it is still reasonable as their portions were bigger than Pier 21’s.  Same as Pier 21, the Platinum food court adopts a cashless system and you need to buy its coupon card before you can make any purchase at the stall.  Any unutilised amount in the coupon card can also be refunded at the counter.

After lunch, we continued shopping on the fifth floor for accessories & the likes for another hour or so, before we left to explore other parts of Bangkok.

In the past, I had the impression that shopping in Bangkok is only limited to buying casual wear, but this visit to Platinum has totally changed that idea, because my purchase included a variety of clothing from t-shirts to office tops, as well as some accessories.  If not for time constraint given our short stay in Bangkok, I think I could have been able to purchase more!  Now I no longer wonder why my girlfriends love Platinum so much. 😉


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