Another Shopping Haven for Ladies – Pratunam Morning Market

Our last stop for this trip, before heading back home, was the Pratunam morning market.  As this wholesale market is only open from around 6 to 9 am daily, although we slept quite late the previous night, I still made it a “must-go” place since it seems like a market not to be missed & highly recommended by many people.  Fortunately we could wake up at the buzz of the alarm & managed to leave the hotel slightly after 7 am. 🙂

Based on what the hotel reception staff told us, Pratunam market is just located at the street next to Glow Pratunam hotel (turn right once you exit the Shibuya Glow entrance).  But many online reviews mentioned that it’s just outside Baiyoke Sky Hotel, so it’s kinda confusing.  Anyhow I realised that’s because the market stalls start lining up Soi Phetchaburi 19 (highlighted in grey) as seen in the map I extracted from Google Maps below:

Pratunam market map

Not all the stalls were open when we reached slightly after 7 am.  The stalls began to open quickly within the next half an hour or so & soon, the market also got more crowded, with many people pushing large trolley bags around to carry their bargains.  I guess most people come here to buy in bulk given it’s a wholesale market & many items are only priced between ฿100 to ฿200 per piece, especially if you buy at least 3 items of the same kind, you will get the wholesale price.  Otherwise the retail price would likely be around ฿200 to ฿250 per piece.

I think I only saw ladies’ clothing & accessories being sold in this market, so guys can either stay away from this market or if you need to accompany your girlfriend / wife here, then you can help to carry their purchases & have a hearty breakfast at the food stalls here. 😉  For us ladies, the food didn’t matter for we had hotel buffet breakfast waiting for us, so we “concentrated” on the shopping! 😛

(Left) market was relatively quiet around 7am (Right) getting crowded as more stalls opened & customers streamed in

(Left) market was relatively quiet around 7am
(Right) getting crowded as more stalls opened & customers started to stream in near 8am

Pardon the lack of photos as I needed to focus on the numerous shops spanning across 2 streets as you can see from the map above!  Although I didn’t get to enjoy the wholesale price for my purchases, I still find the prices cheaper here compared to Platinum.  Beware of impulse buying though as you may be tempted to do so with such cheap prices!  Fortunately I was able to control myself quite well, or should I say, it was because I was lost in the huge selection of choices haha.  A good experience at Pratunam morning market, next time I shall try some of the food here too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Another Shopping Haven for Ladies – Pratunam Morning Market

    • Ha not sure when they started this morning market but it has been ard for some time I heard. Pay a visit there the next time! 🙂


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