Melka Excelsior Dolphin Hotel Resort at Lovina Beach, North Bali

Instead of visiting Lake Beratan in Bedugul (an area in the mountain range of central Bali) on the way to Lovina in northwestern Bali where we would stay for the night, we had to head directly to Melka Excelsior Dolphin Hotel Resort & skipped witnessing the natural beauty of this lake due to bad weather. 😦

When our coach dropped us off at the Melka Hotel lobby, I was a bit stunned that the building is actually that of a resort hotel, because it looked so dark, deserted & unappealing… oops… seems like there were no other guests except our group? Luckily it was only about 5pm when we arrived so there was still natural light we could rely on haha.

Melka Hotel main gate, Ganesha Statue & Temple, & foyer

There are 60 guest rooms in this hotel, together with a wellness spa & massage, swimming pool, as well as restaurants and pool bar. As the name of the hotel suggests, its highlight is the 3 sea water pools with dolphins and a wildlife animal park. All of us got our rooms further away from the main entrance, but nearer to the pools & restaurant. Like it or not, most of us had to share rooms (twin-sharing) due to tour budget constraint. -_-” Oh well, guess we can’t complain when the trip is already free? I got a room behind the pool bar, which was pitch-dark when we entered! Even when we turned on all the lights we could find, it was still very dim & my roommate & I found ourselves straining our eyes often. 😦

The spacious bedroom

The spacious bedroom

The large bathroom with a bathtub

The large bathroom with a bathtub

Don’t be deceived by my brighly lit photos & think that I was lying to you about the dark room. I can only say my camera is good hahaha. The room decor is quite dated and not very well-maintained. I didn’t feel too good staying in the room at all, because other than the limited channels on the old & chunky television that we could watch, even if we wanted to surf internet to kill our boredom, it was hard due to poor lighting and weak Wi-Fi signals. The air-con didn’t seem to be working well too, & apparently it was an “universal issue” we all faced as we were sharing during dinner time. In addition, when I had to charge my electronic devices, I couldn’t find any spare power point & had to resort to pulling out the fridge power plug! 😦 Guess the only merit was the large size of the room, but to many of us, it was too big for our comfort! 😛

We also had dinner & breakfast (buffet style) next day at the open-concept Ganesha Restaurant next to the swimming pool. Nothing so delicious or worth mentioning of the food, just something to fill our stomachs with… Didn’t get to try the massage at the wellness spa as there was only 1 slot left right after dinner time.

The only more interesting thing that I get to experience at this hotel has to be the 20-min Dolphin Show at the sea water pool about 9am the next morning. It was an entertaining performance with the 2 cute well-trained dolphins performing various stunts. The show is free for all hotel guests but it costs IDR 150,000++/adult for the general public. Check out my collage of the stunts by these dolphins:

Melka dolphinsLastly, almost forgot to mention about the location of this hotel. You can get to the Lovina Beach, about 7 minutes by foot. Along the short walk to the beach you will see a few shops & massage parlour along the street. As a relatively new tourist destination in northwestern Bali, Lovina Beach is generally a tranquil & peaceful place without large tourist crowds, unlike popular beaches in the south such as Kuta. I shall end my post here with a lovely evening view of the Lovina Beach 🙂

Have u noticed the black sand on this beach? 😉


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