Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok

A short 30-min flight away from Bali is Lombok – an Indonesian island east of Bali known for its scenic beaches. Upon arrival at Lombok International Airport, we had a yummy traditional local dinner before we checked into our home for the next 2 nights – Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel.

Although the time we arrived at the hotel was only around 7.30pm, it was pitch dark already so we had some trouble locating our rooms scattered around the resort compound. Unfortunately, we got a corner room on the 2nd level of a block of sea-viewing rooms & had to try our best to drag our luggage up the flights of stairs (no elevators since this is chalet/ bungalow style).

The room we got was pretty spacious too, maybe just a little smaller than the one at Ramayana Kuta Resort Bali. The wooden furnishings & colour scheme in the room really evoked a beach-resort feel. We could open the backdoor to a sea-facing balcony but since it was already dark, nothing could be seen haha. But I checked out the view the next day morning & it was quite a refreshing sight.

Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel room

Some of my tour mates claimed that this was the best hotel for the trip, but maybe I was unlucky, our room had a few faults. 1st, the toilet flush was faulty. 2nd, the LCD TV wasn’t working well & we had to bear with the glitching & blur images. 3rd, no matter how we tried to adjust the air-con temperature, it still remained warm. We asked for maintenance to come & help solve our problems but only the toilet flush problem was resolved. The staff claimed that the blur images on TV couldn’t be helped due to antenna cabling issues. So well, no choice just have to skip watching TV & not cover ourselves with the blankets when sleeping haha. Fortunately, other than these hiccups, the 2 nights’ stay was still quite pleasant. At least, this was the only hotel with electronic room keys & we didn’t have to share 1 key per room! 😛

Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel breakfast

(Top left): The block we stayed in; (Top right): View from our room balcony; (Bottom): Lovely view of Senggigi Beach at the hotel

(Top left): The block we stayed in; (Top right): View from our room balcony; (Bottom): Lovely view of Senggigi Beach at the hotel

Breakfast was at the open-concept Rinjani Restaurant by the swimming pool. The buffet spread was decent like Ramayana, although not superb. Because the hotel is located in the oldest & most famous Senggigi resort area, taking a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Senggigi Beach was very convenient.

On our last night in Lombok, we also explored the Senggigi Beach Road, just a convenient 7-min stroll away outside the hotel, where a number of bars, restaurants and spas can be found. Most of us settled for a body massage (1 hour IDR 80,000, about S$8.20) at the Orchid Day’s Spa & Beauty Salon as it was brightly lit, not sleazy-looking with competitive pricing. Mixed reviews about the quality of the massage from the group, while I thought it was average. In case you are interested to get an affordable massage in Lombok, I shall end this post with a photo of the salon for your easy reference. 🙂



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