Warung Menega, Lombok – BBQ Dinner With A Sunset View

It’s our final night in peaceful Lombok and thought it’s worth recommending the restaurant where we had our palatable farewell dinner with a lovely sunset view by the beach.

We were brought to Warung Menega in Mataram (Jl. Raya Senggigi No. 6, Senggigi, Kec. Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Indonesia) which serves Ikan Bakar (grilled seafood in Indonesian). The restaurant is in a scenic setting by the beach, but you have been warned, there’s a lot of flies here! 😛 Not sure if it is deliberate or what, there was a large old tree, with sturdy branch where you could find a swing dangling. Skinny kampung chickens were also roaming freely on the beach (or shall I call them free ranging? Haha). Alongside the cool sea breeze and traditional boats parked on the shore, this site just felt very rustic, I like (minus the flies though)! 😉 See below for some of the nice photos I took. 🙂

Long table on the sandy beach for us to enjoy dinner with a view

Long table on the sandy beach for us to enjoy dinner outdoors with a view

Warung Menega dinner view

The beautiful sunset!

The beautiful sunset!

OK, back to the food here. Menega is famously known for its grilled seafood. Frankly, I frowned initially when I heard dinner would be seafood because, gosh, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy when the only seafood I can stomach safely is fish… Fortunately, when the food was served, tour mates sitting near me were generously passing on their grilled fish to me as I gave them the prawns, octopus etc. I think I could have eaten more than the others who only ate “faithfully” their plate worth of items haha.

Sambal Kangkong (top) & the Ikan Bakar platter

Sambal Kangkong (top) & the Ikan Bakar platter (bottom)

Do not judge the food by its looks. The Sambal Kangkong may look raw & hard, but it was very appetizing! Bet must be due to the yummy sambal chilli. Likewise, the Ikan Bakar platter doesn’t look like so tantalizing to me, but I guess the special sauce created by the chef really helped to make the grilled fish very flavourful! Just eat with caution because of the small bones in the fish & it was really quite dark after the sun set. The dim lights provided by the restaurant didn’t really aid in our vision so it was a “romantic” dark but yummy dinner by the beach. 😉

A wonderful farewell dinner treat I must say! The restaurant was visited by locals mostly during our visit, so I guess it must be quite authentic? Do visit this restaurant if you visit Lombok next time for some local Ikan Bakar. 🙂


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