Chulia Street Night Market & Jalan Penang

On our 2nd night at Chulia, based on recommendation from the hotel staff on great hawker fare in Georgetown, upon exiting the hotel & turning right, we walked down Lebuh Chulia for 2 to 3 min to get to the busy Chulia Street Night Market for dinner. (NB: The Mugshot Cafe as listed in my “Cafe-hopping in Georgetown, Penang” post is just opposite the night market).

The night market comprises of a handful of push-cart stalls with tables & chairs parked along the roadside for customers to have a fuss-free meal. We were told to try the famous wanton mee & curry mee at this night market, but didn’t see any stall selling curry mee despite walking up & down the street a few times. There were 2 wanton mee stalls side by side though, & we decided to buy from the one that had a slightly longer queue. The stall is the one that you will spot 1st if you can coming from Chulia Mansion. We also spotted a Char Kuih Kar stall along 1 of the side lanes of Lebuh Chulia. Being a fan of fried carrot cake, I wanted to try this to see what is the difference between Singapore’s fried carrot cake & Penang’s. 😉

Our Char Kuih Kar (top left) & Wanton Mee (bottom left) + pic of the 2 stalls

Our Char Kuih Kar (top left) & Wanton Mee (bottom left) + pic of the 2 stalls (right)

As it was raining on & off that night, we thought it’d be better to have our dinner in the cosy hotel instead of sitting in the open-air at the mercy of the weather so we asked for takeaway. We ordered the Char Kuih Kar fried with duck egg (MYR4/ S$1.35) but somehow only paid MYR3.50 for the packet wrapped in pandan leaf & newspaper. So not sure if it meant that our food was fried with chicken egg instead… As for the Wanton Mee, we had the small version (MYR3.50/ S$1.20).

Verdict of our dinner? We were disappointed with the Char Kuih Kar, thought it would be fragrant with wok-hei because when the aunty was frying the carrot cake, it smelled really good. But it was just average tasting & as this was the first item we bought from the market, by the time we got back to hotel to eat, the kuih kar felt a bit hard already. Thankfully the Wanton Mee was very good, springy noodles with perfect blend of the dark-coloured gravy. If I had to find fault with this dish, it’d be there were only 2 wantons with just a few slices of char siew (roast pork) & vegetables. Maybe next time can get the large version or ask uncle to add more ingredients hehe.

The next day, we also went to Jalan Penang where the original Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (27 & 29 Lebuh Keng Kwee, 10100 Georgetown, Penang) can be found. Wow, didn’t realise they already have a website established nowadays & have so many branches in Malaysia, with 7 in Penang until I googled for it. There’s still a lot of customers queuing at this stall, & the stall directly opposite looked pathetic with just a few customers.


I am not sure is it because they have expanded too much/ too fast? This time, I thought the standard had dropped compared to what I had remembered eating few years ago because the coconut fragrance wasn’t distinct & the green jelly slices in the chendul felt kinda hard too. In fact my friend merely had 2 sips of it before she gave up & passed the bowl to me to finish it. -_-” Maybe time to search for other hidden Chendul stalls in Penang that are more worthy of the limited space in our stomachs next time!

Finally, before we left Georgetown for the airport for our departure flight, we also did a relaxing 70 min foot & shoulder massage at Revive Reflexology (MYR60/ S$20.30) along Jalan Penang, as recommended by the hotel. Upon exiting the hotel, turn left & walk along Lebuh Chulia for about 5 min before coming to the junction of Jalan Penang & Lebuh Chulia. Turn right at this junction & walk straight ahead. You should be able to see Revive Reflexology across the road within 5 min from the junction.

Revive ReflexologySince it was around 4pm when we stepped into the massage parlour, we could still enjoy the Happy Hour Promotion. Both our masseurs were quite good, & we really relaxed & sort of dozed off during the massage. 🙂 Therefore, I would highly recommend you to try Revive out for your next trip to Penang, because I’m certain you will be feeling so tired after all the walking! 😛


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