Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop 名香泰餅家

The most common souvenir to bring home after a Penang trip is typically the well-known tau sar piah (豆沙饼, a type of Hokkien-style pastry/ biscuit filled with red bean or mung bean paste). However, this time we didn’t buy that, as we found something else that we really like – the Cantonese-style pastries from Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop (名香泰餅家)!

Call us “suaku” (a Hokkien slang for a generally uncool, unworldly person who is ignorant about some topic or another), but we have never heard of this brand that has been established since 1979. 😛 As we felt lazy to travel all the way to Ghee Hiang at 216 Jalan Macalister (a corner of Georgetown) just to buy its famous tau sar piah, we decided to buy the recommended pastries at Ming Xiang Tai to try first. The outlet is conveniently located at 26, Armenian Street Ghaut, 10200 Georgetown, Penang (Tel: +604-261-9887), where you will find the famous Brother and Sister street art outside this shop.

We tried the new durian pastry (top left), trishaw egg tart (bottom left) & pandan salted egg yolk pastry (bottom right)

We tried the new Durian Pie (top left), Signature Trishaw Egg Tart (bottom left) & Pandan Salted Egg Pastry (bottom right)

The most popular item at Ming Xiang Tai has to be the Signature Trishaw Egg Tart (招牌三轮车蛋挞,MYR2/ S$0.70). It may look just like the average egg tart you see everywhere, but after biting into 1, you will understand why it’s the bestseller. The crust was crispy but not overly flaky & the egg portion was fluffy & fragrant. Really very good! 🙂 Too bad we couldn’t buy some back home as it needs to be kept fresh in the fridge but we had already checked out of the hotel & wouldn’t be getting to some place cool till our flight home in the late evening…. 😦

As for the Durian Pie (溏心榴莲酥,MYR3/ S$1) which is relatively new on the menu, if you are a fan of durians, you will definitely love it because it’s generously filled with real aromatic durian paste. My friend instantly fell in love with it & bought 6 boxes home! 😛 The Pandan Salted Egg Pastry (翡翠咸蛋酥,MYR1.90/ S$0.65) is also one of the signature items in the shop & it’s not bad too, stuffed with generous pandan paste & a full egg yolk in it. What we like about their pastries is the pastry skin is crispy but doesn’t feel greasy & stuffed with generous fillings.

In the end, I also bought 1 box of Pineapple Mango Pie (芒丁菠萝酥,8 pcs MYR24/ S$8.10), 1 box of Signature Salted Egg Pastry + Pandan Salted Egg Pastry (广东酥饼系列,8 pcs each MYR24.80/ S$8.40) & 1 box of mixed Chicken Floss with Lotus Paste Pie + Glutinous Rice with Shredded Coconut Pie + Salted Egg Pastry + Pandan Salted Egg Pastry (六福酥饼系列,3 pcs each MYR24.80/ S$8.40) as souvenirs back in Singapore. Glad that those who have eaten like them too! Here’s a picture of the box of pineapple pastry to end my post. 😉



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