The Weld Quay Clan Jetties in Penang

Located straight down the road from Lebuh Chulia (beside the Kapitan Kling Mosque) at Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay), you will find one of the last remaining historical Chinese settlements in Penang by the waterfront. Originally, there used to be 7 Chinese Clan Jetties here, but now only 6 remain as one has been destroyed by fire.

Each jetty is named after a Chinese clan, & the Chew Jetty occupies the largest waterfront area with the longest walkway (total 304m), the highest number of stilt-houses (75 units), a temple, as well as several souvenir shops & small eateries for you to take a breather & admire the waterfront. There is even a large signboard at the entrance of Chew Jetty indicating that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site established since the mid-19th century with its ancestors originated from China’s Fujian province.

The smaller clan jetty next to Chew Jetty (but I forgot its name :P)

View from the smaller clan jetty next to Chew Jetty (but I forgot its name) 😛


Entering the more tourist-friendly Chew Jetty

Entering the more tourist-friendly Chew Jetty

Indeed, Chew Jetty is very well managed as an established tourist attraction compared to the others. We visited the other clan jetty first (think it was either Lim or Yeoh Jetty) & I think there was no 1 except us (or maybe a couple of tourists were leaving when we entered). It was really quiet with no one in sight & we could take as many photos as we like without any human obstructions. 😛 But when we visited Chew Jetty, I thought it looked too well managed, with souvenir shops, food & drinks stalls along the walkway attempting to catch our attention. Thankfully, we still managed to take beautiful photos of the water village, maybe because not many people would want to visit under the hot sun around mid-day haha.

In the early 20th century, the residents did not have basic amenities like water and electricity & they had to carry their water in kerosene tins from the main road back to their squatters. It was only after the 1957 Penang municipal election that living conditions in the Clan Jetties improved.

Different views at the Chew Jetty

Different views at the Chew Jetty

Do you see the urn in the last collage above (bottom right pic)? This is where the temple resides in Chew Jetty. Quite an interesting site for photo-taking. 😉 Given the hot weather, we felt so dehydrated & drained after being out for about 40 min, so we went into this pretty-looking cafe (or should I say it’s a bubble tea concept stall) to relax & drink some iced coconut water for hydration.

Clan Jetty 4

Despite the heat, I must say it was a good tour at the century-old Clan Jetties, something different from the usual “food trip” that people usually head to Penang for. We had originally wanted to check this place out for the sunset, but it was raining on our 2nd night. So hopefully, I will be able to catch it on my next Penang trip! 😉


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