Haeundae Market (해운대시장) – A Local Traditional Market Near the Famous Haeundae Beach

At last, the sun had decided not to play hide-and-seek the next day, although it was still somewhat cloudy. At least it wasn’t raining cats & dogs & I could still proceed with my original plan of visiting the well-known Haeundae area to find out why its beach is so popular with tourists.

I love exploring markets to check out local street food, so my 1st stop of the day was to the Haeundae Market (해운대시장), located across the street from Haeundae Beach, & open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. What a great location to cure the hunger pangs 1st before proceeding to the lovely beach. 😛 The easiest way to get to the market is to take the subway to Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2, exit 3), about 40 min ride away from central Busan Station.

Haeundae Market 1

Upon leaving exit 3, just go straight along Gunam-ro (구남로, the top right & bottom left photos in above collage show the views seen along the walk) for about 350m. Turn left into the market when you see the arch signboard like the bottom right photo in the above collage. The market is not huge, just a long stretch of shops & eateries you can find on both sides of the street. At the other end of the street, is the Haeundae Market bus stop, where you will be able to find buses 39, 139, 1001 & 1003, as well as some village mini-buses.

Different views of the market

Different views of the market

The Seunggi Ssiat Hotteok (승기씨앗호떡) that I tried last night at BIFF Square has an outlet here too, but it seems like it’s an outlet combined with Busan Mido Eomuk (부산미도어묵)? Anyway I couldn’t resist the temptation to eat this delightful snack once more hehe. This time, I bought the Corn Cheese Hotteok (KRW1,500/ S$1.80, 콘치즈 호떡) & it was equally delicious as the original Ssiat Hotteok. 🙂 If you can read the menu below, you will realise the original Ssiat Hotteok (씨앗호떡) is KRW200 cheaper here than the stall at BIFF Square…

승기씨앗호떡 + 부산미도어묵

승기씨앗호떡 + 부산미도어묵

Craving for more street food, I decided to give Miss Gong Spicy Rice Cakes (미스공 떡볶이) stall a try as the food on display looked attractive. But I didn’t order the 떡볶이, instead I ordered 1 stick each of the Odeng (Fish Cake/ 오뎅) & Fried Kimbap (튀김) for KRW1,400 (S$1.70). Alas, the food weren’t as good as they looked. Not that they were that lousy, just average taste. & the Ahjumma (Korean word for “auntie”) was quite grumpy, told me off when I took a disposable plate to use while I stood there eating, because the plates were meant for customers who eat in only. 😦

I Haeundae Market 4

I completed the tour + had my Korean-street-food-brunch in the market within an hour. It was time to explore other parts of Haeundae, which I will detail in the subsequent posts. 🙂


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