Dining at Jenny’s Bar & Grill in Taitung City 在台东市中心享受独特南洋与美式混合料理

I’ve written many posts on my food experiences, be it cafes, restaurants or local street food, but I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a single post for a restaurant in a hotel. This is my first time doing it, because the quality of Jenny’s Bar & Grill located in Inn By The Village (our hotel in Taitung City for 3 nights) really surprised us! Besides the daily breakfast buffet that came with our room booking, we also enjoyed a delectable dinner, compliments from the hotel management. The complimentary dinner came about as I was supposed to share my experience at Inn By The Village on Trip101. However, I’m not saying Jenny’s is fantastic just because I enjoyed a free dinner, OK? Haha. Read below for my honest dining experience now.

写过无数篇餐饮体验,包括咖啡馆、餐馆和街边小吃,但我好像从来没有在单一文章里传写旅店里的餐馆。这次为台東南豐鐵花棧(我们在台东市3晚的饭店)里的 Jenny’s Bar & Grill (抱歉,餐馆没有中文名字)特地写篇文章还是第一次呢,因为 Jenny’s 真的带给我们意外的惊喜!除了每天的自助早餐之外,多亏饭店公关的安排,我们也享用了一顿丰盛的晚餐。享有免费晚餐全因我会为南豐鐵花棧在英文旅游网站 Trip101 分享我的住宿体验。但是,我要声明我把 Jenny’s 说的这么好绝对不是因为一顿免费晚餐哦!以下是我们在 Jenny’s  真实的餐饮体验。;)


As you can see from the photo above, Jenny’s Bar & Grill is decked in natural wood furnishings, & coupled with use of modern industrial lighting, create a cosy & modern dining space for guests to relax & enjoy their meals. In the morning, the restaurant is open for breakfast buffet from 7 to 10.30 am. Lunch is served from 11.30 am to 2 pm, followed by afternoon tea from 2 to 5pm. Dinner is served from 5.30 to 9 pm with supper from 9 to 11 pm. On Fridays & Saturday evenings, guests can also enjoy a live band performance in the only Live House in Taitung City while chilling out with drinks at the bar.

从以上照片可看得出,Jenny’s 以淡雅的木质材料为主,加上柔和的灯光,营造出舒适高雅的特色餐厅。餐馆从早上7点至10点半供应自助早餐,午餐则从早上11点半至下午2点。之后2点至5点是下午茶时间,然后晚餐时间是5点半至晚上9点。从9点至11点打样之前,可以到 Jenny’s 品尝宵夜。每逢周五、周六及假日夜晚,宾客也能在这里,台东市唯一有驻唱乐团的餐馆酒吧,一边喝生啤或调酒,一边欣赏驻唱乐团带来的现场表演。

We checked out Jenny’s for dinner on our first night in Taitung City. There was a variety of Southeast Asian set menu & American set menu, as well as ala carte side dishes that we could choose from. Since we didn’t know how generous the set portions would be, we decided to just order a set each, for fear of wasting food. 😛

我们在台東市的第一晚,就到 Jenny’s 享用晚餐。菜单上有多种南洋风味及美式套餐,以及各类小吃供选择。因为怕套餐的分量会很多,所以我们只各点了一份套餐,怕点太多吃不完,会浪费食物。


Frankly, we were rather skeptical about the standard of dining in a hotel, as our prior experiences tells us hotel restaurants are generally overpriced with substandard cuisines (if it’s the only choice available). Particularly when I was told that the theme in June (summer) at Jenny’s was Nanyang aka Southeast Asian cuisine, I didn’t know to laugh or to cry. “I flew all the way from Singapore (which is part of Nanyang) to Taitung just to eat food I can lay my hands on all the time?” That sounded like a joke to us at first.

老实说,当我知道饭店公关有意邀请我们去 Jenny’s 享用免费晚餐时,我对这一餐没什么信心,因为通常饭店的餐馆都超贵,食物也不怎么样。而且在获知 Jenny’s 六月份主打南洋风味餐时,更是觉得啼笑皆非。心里的 OS:“我大老远从新加坡(南洋)飞到台东,还要吃天天都能吃到的美食?”当时,我们俩觉得这是一个笑话。。。

Anyhow, after browsing through the menu, I decided to try a Vietnamese set from the Asian Flavours set menu, just to give Jenny’s “a chance”. 😛 My friend decided not to touch any Asian Flavours set though, & opted for a set from the American Style set menu.

但在翻阅菜单后,我还是给 Jenny’s 一个“机会”,决定从亚洲南洋风味餐中点湄南跳鱼套餐。朋友则选择试一试美式套餐。


When the waitress was walking towards me with my Deep Fried Fish with Chili & Red Curry Sauce (340+ TWD, ~S$15.85+), I could already smell the aromatic spices. As you can see from photo above, the portion looks generous. After the first bite, I was in love with the fragrant & unique curry sauce, which tasted somewhat like a cross between curry & laksa taste. The fish was deep fried till crispy yet without the greasy feel, & the sauce was really a perfect blend. Although I’m not a fan of the white rice being served (no brown rice alternative), the yummy fish with red curry sauce really went down very well with the rice such that I finished the whole bowl! The thickness of the sauce was just right without making me sick of it after a while. In addition, the 3 side dishes that came with the main dish were equally tantalising: (from left) passion fruit with green papaya salad, kimchi lookalike & pickled cucumber slices. Even as I’m writing now, I’m thinking of the passion fruit with green papaya salad, so crunchy & yummy that it remains an unforgettable taste. 🙂



The All-American Beef Burger set (320+ TWD, ~S$14.90+) my friend ordered took a long time to arrive, almost 20 minutes after mine was served. Guess the waitress probably noticed how bored my friend looked while I tried to eat at the slowest pace, she came to give us a heads-up that the burger set would take longer as the 8-ounce beef patty is handmade. But the wait was worthwhile. 😉 Not only was the serving humongous, the beef was thick & tender, & cooked to the exact done-ness my friend had requested for. The amount of fries was huge, & felt rich & flavourful.



After we were done with our mains, we were so full & couldn’t ask for anymore ala carte orders. Even when the dessert of the day came (a small piece of cake that tasted like tiramisu), we couldn’t finish it off. It was really a satisfying dinner that changed our initial perception of hotel restaurants. In fact, I was also glad I opted for the Asian Flavours set as I was wow-ed by how good it was. I can’t say the best Southeast Asian cuisines can only be found in Southeast Asia now! Haha


The next morning, I had my first breakfast buffet in Taiwan where I didn’t just eat for the sake of eating. Why do I say so? Because prior to this trip, my idea of Taiwan hotel breakfasts = boring with the usual porridge with limited condiments & disappointing selection of toasts/ cereals based on past experiences. But again, Jenny’s Bar & Grill helped to eliminate that perception in my brain. 🙂

隔天早上,我也第一次体验到台湾饭店的自助早餐也可以很丰富美味。在这儿之前,我尝过的台湾饭店早餐都很单调,只有白粥配几样小菜,或是一些看了也不开胃的面包麦片等。很高兴 Jenny’s 的早餐完全不是这样。


While the breakfast buffet spread cannot compare to luxury hotel chains, it still looked great, with local delights such as porridge & condiments, fried vegetables & assorted dishes, as well as Western fare like sausage, bread, pastries, cereals etc. Guests could also help themselves to the coffee, tea, milk & juices available. With most of the dishes so delicious, I no longer just ate to fill my stomach. At times, it was a hard time deciding which dish to refill. Fortunately we had 3 days to enjoy breakfast here!


Relaxing ambience to enjoy a tasty breakfast
享受在悠闲的氛围享用美味的早餐 🙂

Jenny’s Bar & Grill may be the only on-site restaurant at Inn By The Village, but its high standard of quality food & beverages being served makes it a joy to visit the restaurant any time. No longer could we say that hotel restaurant food are overpriced (the dinner was below S$20/pax), or of mediocre quality & only to eat when left with no choice. I certainly wouldn’t mind returning to Jenny’s Bar & Grill if I visit Taitung City again! 😉

虽然 Jenny’s Bar & Grill 是台東南豐鐵花棧唯一的餐馆,但它高品质的餐饮让宾客无时无刻都能享用丰富美味的一餐。价格方面也很合理,像我们丰盛的晚餐一人都不到400台币(加了10%服务费之后)。下次到台东市,我很乐意再次去 Jenny’s 享用一餐!;)


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