Start Taitung Private Tour Day 2 At 2 Of Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Schools 台东包车游第二天:拜访全台最美的学府

Such a pleasant surprise to wake up to a bright & sunny morning the next day (Friday), when we had expected the plum rain to continue to pour throughout. However, as our dolphin cruise for the following day (Saturday) was cancelled due to bad weather forecast, there were last minute changes to our itinerary. Originally, Friday was supposed to be a day for the coastal region such that we would eventually land in Chenggong Township in the evening. Since we weren’t going to stay in Chenggong Township for the night, Mr Wang said we would be concentrating on the southern part of Taitung County instead. While this part of the county was not in our original plan at all, we weren’t totally unfamiliar with the region, as we had passed by some of the towns on the slow train ride from Fangliao to Taitung.


In the car enroute to our first destination, Mr Wang commented that he would be bringing us to 2 schools in Taitung known for its beautiful architecture. I was kind of skeptical at first, wondering what could be so nice about school buildings. But I was wrong… Haha


Our first stop of the day was at Taitung County Fong Yuan Elementary School, touted as the most beautiful elementary school in Taiwan. Located in Taitung city, Fong Yuan Elementary School is a quick 9-min drive southwest from our hotel (Inn By The Village).

今天的第一站是被誉为全台最美国小 – 台東縣豐源國民小學。这间小学位于台东市西南部,离台東南豐鐵花棧仅9分钟车程。

I was surprised when we alighted in front of the school. It doesn’t look like a school at all! The Mediterranean style of intertwining blue & white colours on the school building & wavy curves on its rooftop, coupled with its location near the sea, made it look so much like a holiday resort in Greece’s Santorini. 😛


The school has been around for over 50 years, but renovation to this present state was only completed in March 2012, thanks to the school’s principal. Because of its outstanding architecture, Fong Yuan has attracted a lot of visitors, so to minimise disruption to its students, visitors could only enter the school compounds on weekends & public holidays (open 9 am to 5 pm). Too bad for us, we could only admire it from the school gate…


Next, we moved to National Taitung University, another 10-min drive west of Fong Yuan. I was a little surprised when our car had to stop at the security counter, where we had to state the purpose of visit before we could go in. Don’t remember we have such security counters in Singapore tertiary institutions, or am I already outdated? 😛


We arrived at the library and information centre of the university campus, but other than the signage that stated the building name, there was no other way we could tell it was a library!



Shaped like a pyramid, National Taitung University’s national library is listed as the no. 1 most unique national libraries out of selected 8 across the world by a globally well-known architect website “”. The unique shape of the building is not just beautiful to look at, but also implies that its students have access to a huge wealth of knowledge upon entering the library. The slopes of the building are covered with greenery & students can climb up to the rooftop for rewarding views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you look out to the east – sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, or to the west – breathtaking views of the Central Mountain Range, the view atop the library is great for all to take a breather from the stressful student life.


Unique campus design with abstract art display in front of the building 图书资讯馆前的唯美艺术品

Tired after all the mugging? Come relax by the picturesque lake next to the library 图书资讯馆旁有个风景怡人的湖泊,让你在这儿放空感受大自然的美好

Not sure if visitors aren’t allowed into the library, as Mr Wang didn’t bring us in. Nonetheless the surrounding area around the library is already an awesome sight to us. In fact, there were some parts that we thought felt like we were in Europe / Switzerland with pretty cottages in the mountain valley. Such an awe-inspiring place to study in!


It was a short tour to 2 of Taiwan’s most beautiful academic institutions, nevertheless it was an eye-opening tour for me. I wish I were born in Taitung, then I could have gotten the opportunity to study in such pretty schools. Maybe my results would have been so much better! 😉



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