Hair.Thirty @KSL JB: Professional Hair Service Worth Crossing The Causeway For

Going for a haircut, colour or treatment in Singapore can be a costly affair, especially if you are looking at a salon with professionally-trained stylists in a comfortable environment. OK, maybe those who are regular patrons of hair salons in residential neighbourhoods may not agree with me, as their prices tend to be lower than those in shopping malls or town area. But I’m tired of trying to search for somewhere cheap & good in Singapore for professional hair service in vain, such that I have decided to cross the causeway to search for one instead. It helps that our SGD is still going pretty strong against the MYR. 😉

There are numerous hair salons in popular JB shopping malls such as JB City Square & KSL City Mall that Singaporeans frequent, so how do we know which is THE ONE for us? Well… to be frank I have tried a number of salons over the 2 years or so since I started crossing over to JB more often, & I think I’ve finally found THE ONE that suits me recently – Hair.Thirty Malaysia @KSL City Mall!

Hair.Thirty Malaysia located on KSL ground floor

Located on the ground floor of KSL City Mall, Hair.Thirty Malaysia has just been opened on 12 September 2017, taking over from HanBang Korean Scalp Spa which specialised in hair herbal treatment. I stumbled upon this salon on my most recent trip to KSL where I made an appointment with the senior stylist, Jason from Govin Hair to colour my hair. Its stylists are actually the same team from Govin Hair just next door. Upon arrival, I was asked to go to the salon next door, which made me confused for a while as the 2 salons didn’t seem related at all. Only after Jason clarified did I understand that Hair.Thirty is actually a sister brand of Govin Hair.

You may be thinking now, what is so special about Govin Hair such that I specially booked an appointment for? That was because I had read several good online reviews, as well as hear family & friend commenting about the Taiwanese hair salon chain’s good service for quite a while. Hence, I decided to try them out when I wanted to cut my hair short in May before my Taiwan summer trip. I was impressed by the service I received then, where I could enjoy the hair cut in peace without having anyone hard-selling other products / services constantly. Jason was my stylist then & I like the practical hair tips / advice he suggested for my new hairdo. While the price for a hair cut at Govin was so far the most expensive I had paid for in JB (77 MYR / 24.85 SGD regardless of hair length), I felt the professional service was certainly worth it. This was why when I wanted to colour my hair this round, I decided to go back to Govin.

Although the salon is named differently from its famous parent Govin Hair, rest assured the service standard is the same since it’s the same team working behind the scenes. Apparently, its name was derived because its Taiwanese founder, Mr Guo Wen (郭文), a trendy-looking man in his 50s, believes there are 30 basic hairstyles that are commonly requested. Interesting… I wonder how those 30 hairstyles look like. 😉

My hair looked lifeless before the hair colouring was done… 😭

As you can see from photo above, my hair certainly needed a “repainting” asap, as the last I highlighted it was in Jan this year. Oh btw, that’s Jason the senior stylist in the mirror. 😀 I told Jason I had always wanted my hair with a tinge of violet but many stylists had warned me against it fading really fast & I was also concerned that I would need to bleach my hair for such a colour. He assured me it’s doable without bleaching, with a mix of red & brown in the colour (warm colour series). So I left it to him to mix the colours while I sat back & relax for the next few hours. 🙂

Pampered my hair with a Mucota Scena+ hair 5-step treatment after colouring

After hair colouring was completed, Jason recommended me the Mucota Scena+ hair treatment, namely these 5 steps: Ethos, Scalp Spa, Adel, Brava & Calore (from left to right in above photo). The treatment makes use of the latest nano molecular technology to protect & repair coloured/ chemically damaged hair so as to restore shine & silkiness back to the hair. I enjoyed the second step, the Scalp Spa the most, as it was like a spa session where I lie down with my head wrapped in some aromatic treatment spa. It was so relaxing that I actually dozed off. 😛

My hair looked so much better after everything was done!

After close to 3 hours of colouring + treatment, my short bob hair looked much better than when I first arrived in the salon. 😉 Not only does it look more vibrant now, the ends look smoother than before. I could even feel it was easier to comb my hair when Bing (another stylist that assisted with the hair treatment) was blow-drying my hair after treatment. Bing commented he could feel the difference in my hair texture even as he was applying the last step of the Mucota Scena+ treatment. 😉

I paid a total of 341 MYR (S$110) for hair colour & Mucota Scena+ treatment (based on my hair length), as there was an opening promotion of 10% discount for all hair services (likely till end Oct only). Original prices are: hair colour = 160 MYR (S$51.60) & Mucota Scena+ treatment = 218 MYR (S$70.30) respectively.

While the prices here are far from dirt-cheap, but considering the kind of great service I received, as well as a clean & comfortable salon environment, I think Hair.Thirty Malaysia certainly gives a bang for your buck! At least now I know I can cross the causeway for some hair indulgence at more affordable prices without compromising on service! 😀

Address: G-08,09 KSL City Mall, No. 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru (walk towards left side of the mall upon entering from The Coffee Bean)

Open: 10.30 am to 9.30 pm daily.

Phone: +60 7-289 0059

NB: Hair.Thirty has rebranded itself as Studio M since April 2019. Get special promo code for 20% off hair treatment services through this post: Studio M KSL @JB: Affordable Hair Indulgence Worth The Causeway Jam (Till 30 September 2019 only)!


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