KC Resort & Over Water Villas: Luxury Hillside Retreat In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is part of the Surat Thani Province located in Southern Thailand. As the country’s third largest island after Phuket & Koh Chang, it is one of Thailand’s favourite destinations for beach lovers. By default, most visitors to the island will want to stay near the palm-fringed beaches. But if you are looking for something more offbeat, look for accommodations situated atop hills or mountains, so as to enjoy unique views of the sea from elevated angles, & also get away from the beach crowd.

On our first night in Koh Samui, we checked into such a resort in the popular Chaweng area – KC Resort & Over Water Villas. The luxury resort is perched on a hill, 5 minutes’ drive away from Chaweng Beach. On clear days, guests can admire sweeping views of Chaweng Bay or even the neighbouring Matlang Island from the comfort of their room/ villa balconies. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for us. 😦 Because we only arrived at the resort after dark, thereafter it was raining throughout the night till the next day when we left… 😥 Nonetheless, while there wasn’t any stunning scenery to admire, we still did a quick hotel inspection to check out the different types of rooms & villas available in this exquisite hotel. All are spacious & furnished with modern in-room amenities including the large jacuzzi, with the smallest room size at 40 sqm. The jacuzzi fit for 2 pax available in all rooms is a definite plus point for the hotel, but what impressed me was the rooms/ suites that fitted this little indulgence outdoors in the balcony area.

The outdoor jacuzzi

The outdoor jacuzzi sure looked more tempting than those housed indoors, because you can directly feel the breeze & gaze at the stunning scenery out there on a clear day. Anyway, even if you book an accommodation where the jacuzzi is inside, you can either gaze through the large window, or draw down the blinds if you prefer privacy.

If you are willing to indulge further for an unforgettable holiday in Koh Samui, perhaps you can consider the most luxurious accommodation type in KC Resort – Over Water Villa. These 16 luxury villas are housed separately from the other accommodations up on a hilly slope, each with full unobstructed sea views, & built on stilts above a private infinity edge pool.

Sadly, the photos above don’t do much justice to the Bora Bora style villa with cosy interiors, given lighting conditions were poor on a gloomy night. In the 60 sqm villa constructed mainly with teak wood, you can look through the glass floor panel while relaxing in the room (see bottom left pic) to the turquoise pool below. Pass through the sliding doors to the large balcony to enjoy panoramic views (bottom right pic). But I have to point out a little challenge if you decide to book the Over Water Villa here. The way up to the villa is quite steep so you gotta be careful & watch your steps, especially when walking down.

I was assigned to a Grand Deluxe Jacuzzi Garden View room in the main block on the second floor. There are 32 such units in the hotel, each with an airy space of 52 sqm. Under normal circumstances, I would rejoice over such generosity of space for my accommodation, but not when staying alone. It felt a little too big for “home alone” comfort. 😅 That aside, it came with a comfortable king size bed, inviting living room space with cosy sofa plus a spacious bathroom equipped with the large jacuzzi & rain shower.

The door directly in front of room entrance leads to a small balcony with garden views

My spacious home for the night

If you noticed, in the pic above which shows the jacuzzi on the bottom right, I had drawn down the blinds. Behind the blinds is actually a large window that allows you to look out to the small balcony with garden views. It was nice to see 2 wash basins fitted in the bathroom, so you won’t need to take turns to wash your face/ brush your teeth etc if you are sharing the room with another person.

That night, we were invited to dinner at the on-site The View Restaurant & Wine Lounge, located on the first floor of the service building. Dinner was a delicious 7-course set, including appetizer & fruits, all local specialty dishes plated exquisitely.

Creative Thai dishes, contemporary presentation

Breakfast was at the same restaurant the next day, available from 7 to 10 am. While the interiors were the same regardless of day or night, I somewhat felt more relaxed at the restaurant in the morning, probably because there was some natural lighting (despite the heavy rain) outside that penetrated through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. On the contrary, the food tasted better at night than the lukewarm spread of buffet dishes in the morning. 😑 It was the usual (boring) buffet stuff you typically see in other hotel breakfast buffets, such as fried noodles/ rice, vegetables, salad, bread etc. So I shan’t bore you with the “standard breakfast” photos.

Cosy relaxed ambience in the restaurant decked in mainly neutral colours

As we only spent a mere 12 hours or so in the luxury resort, it didn’t leave too deep an impression in my mind. Add the stormy weather & seriously, I don’t think I had really enjoyed myself there except relaxing in the comfortable room haha. Although it is out of the bustling town, the resort does provide complimentary shuttle to its sister property located on Chaweng Beachfront. I believe KC Resort is a good choice if you are looking to get away from the usual crowds & do something different, particularly if it is not your first time on the island. Thus, there is the flexibility to enjoy peace & quiet, as well as join in the crowd when you feel like it. Regardless, hope you will enjoy good weather if you do book yourself a hilly retreat in Koh Samui next time!


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