Relax At The Mantrini Hotel Chiang Rai Away From The Busy City Centre

After a long day flying from the south to the north & on the road, we finally checked into The Mantrini Hotel Chiang Rai, where we would be staying for 2 nights in Thailand’s northernmost city. The 4-star hotel is located slightly out of the heart of town where the Old Bus Station & Clock Tower are, but it is strategically situated directly across the road from the city’s first upscale shopping mall – Central Plaza Chiang Rai. With over 100 shops & restaurants all under one roof, including Big C Supermarket, KFC, MacDonald’s etc, shopping & dining nearby the hotel is a breeze. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have time to check it out since we always returned to the hotel late at night when the shops had closed/ were closing. 😛

In front of the steps leading to The Mantrini Hotel’s reception

The Mantrini Hotel is a boutique resort with an airy lobby area. While the blend of classic colours and Thai wooden interiors may look simple, its decor made guests feel welcomed & relaxed. Most importantly, it looked spotlessly clean despite furnished in white & light colours.

Reception staff were quite prompt in checking us in so we made our way to the rooms shortly after. I had to pass through an outdoor pool & terrace to get to the building where my superior double room was located. At night, the outdoor area was too dark to be appreciated, but in the morning, it looked relaxing with the pool set in a small garden flanked by tall trees swaying to the cool breeze.

My room was located on the second floor of the annexe building. It was a roomy 30 sqm in white marbled floor with a sparkling look. Although the room didn’t boast elaborate furnishings, but it had all the essential amenities guests would expect from a boutique hotel. It was also very well-maintained & immaculate. I also liked that the slippers provided in the room were made of rattan, as it was very comfortable walking about in them.

Beyond the curtains, there was also a balcony where I could sit outdoors & look out to the pleasant garden & outdoor pool area. But given the limited time I had in my room, I didn’t do so. 😛 As for the bathroom, it was also quite spacious compared to other city hotels, with separate shower & toilet cubicles to ensure the bathroom floor won’t get so wet after shower. I kind of liked the use of a ladder for guests to place all the towels (on the right hand side in photo below). Guess the ladder could be used for other housekeeping purposes, so I thought it was quite a smart feature. Of course, there was also a towel rack on the left side (not seen in photo) just outside the shower for guests to hang their stuff.

Left side is the shower while right side is the toilet, separated by a wall

Breakfast was also included with each room booking, at the in-house restaurant on level 2 in the main building. I was a little worried at first that the quality of food would be sub-standard given my earlier experience in Koh Samui. Surprisingly, it turned out better than expected & I actually found myself returning to the buffet tables quite often to replenish my plate, haha. At least the cereals were still crunchy, overall taste of dishes weren’t too salty & food were served warm. 😉 The restaurant was large, featuring a classic European design, with comfortable chairs & also plush sofas by the large floor-to-ceiling windows, so that guests could enjoy the pool views while dining.

The buffet spread for breakfast was quite good

Overall, it was a relaxing 2-night stay at The Mantrini Hotel Chiang Rai. Being slightly further from the iconic Clock Tower where the main buzz was may sound a little inconvenient for some, but it also meant we could avoid the busy streets & enjoy more peace. Anyway, the city centre was a short drive away (about 10 min) so it wasn’t so much of an inconvenience. I loved the comfortable bed at The Mantrini, which allowed me uninterrupted rest throughout the 2 nights. Besides, the breakfast here was better than the one in Koh Samui as well.

If you enjoy boutique style hotel stays like me, you would likely enjoy the stay at The Mantrini too. 🙂


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