Nora Beach Resort & Spa: Unwind & Relax By The Beach In Koh Samui

Based on the original 5D4N media trip itinerary, we would not have had the opportunity to stay at Nora Beach Resort & Spa in Koh Samui. Samui was more of a brief transit point for the trip focused more on Northern Thailand. However, due to bad weather in the southern parts of Thailand then, we missed our connecting flight back to Singapore & hence had the chance to experience a night at Nora – a beachfront resort hotel just north of the popular Chaweng Beach.

The 4-star resort hotel is named after southern Thailand’s traditional mystical dance. I must applaud the organisers for being able to arrange this last-minute accommodation for us so quickly over the few hours when we experienced the flight misconnection. Conveniently situated less than 5 min from Samui Airport, Nora Beach is by no means a sloppy last-resort choice. There is a combination of spacious rooms & villas offering relaxing views of nature at the resort, overlooking a secluded bay at the northern tip of Chaweng Beach. The hotel management was nice enough to offer all of us complimentary upgrade to a night at the wonderful Nora Villa. But because we only arrived at the hotel late after dinner, the thought of staying in “isolated houses” did scare me off a little at first, as I didn’t wish for another “too-spacious-for-comfort home-alone” night like our first night at KC Resort & Over Water Villas. 😛

Because the hotel is quite big with 113 rooms & over 60 villas, our group was checked into 3 different areas of the property. I ended up in a villa with a connecting door to a tour mate’s villa in the middle of the resort, surrounded by lush gardens. It was too dark at night to really make out how the villa looks like from the outside. Nonetheless, check out how spacious the 63-sqm-villa is from my Instagram post below (scroll to the right to the last video that featured the interiors of my villa):

Surprisingly, although the villa was bigger than my 52-sqm room at KC Resort, it didn’t really give me the creeps once I settled down. On the contrary, I felt relaxed & made myself comfortable in the roomy villa. I loved the large & cosy king-size bed, the plush sofa, & of course the luxurious bathroom fully equipped with deluxe amenities. I believe picture speaks more than my words, so see below for photos I took the next morning under better lighting conditions. 😉

The bath was simply awesome, especially with pampering bath products provided by hotel. Just that I didn’t dare to pull up the blinds when soaking in the bath though. LOL

The next morning, before I went out for breakfast, I took a refreshing shower under the canopy of trees surrounding my villa (see video below). The birds perched on the trees seem to be chirping to the rhythm of the running tap (or so I thought) haha.

Past the villa’s wooden door, there’s the cool open shower (right photo above), but I wonder when would I ever pluck up the courage to use it vs using the indoor shower/ bath in earlier photos 😛

It was a little misty that morning after a night of rain when I took a peek at my villa’s private balcony 😉

Breakfast was at the resort’s main Prasuthon Restaurant, an open-air traditional house with teak wood flooring, overlooking the picturesque bay. Since this one-night stay wasn’t planned for, we could head to the restaurant anytime between 6.30 to 10.30 am as we wish, as long as we check out of the hotel by 11 am. I only managed to pull myself out of the villa around 9.30 am haha.

Idyllic view that greeted me as I approached the restaurant for breakfast 🙂

By the time I was at the restaurant, I heard that quite a few of them had their breakfast & wandered off elsewhere. 😅 Never mind, there was still ample time for me to enjoy the beautiful hues of the ocean while tucking into a delightful buffet spread. 😛 As you can see from photo above, there was an egg station where the chef would prepare your favourite egg dish only upon order. Behind the egg station was a room housing the buffet spread from fresh breads, bacon, Western & other local dishes to fruits & juices. As agreed by everyone, this was the best breakfast buffet we had for the entire trip! The food & beverages served were hot & looked fresh, & most importantly they were delicious. 😀 Too bad there was only so much I could stomach… hahaha

Of course, after a scrumptious breakfast, I had to walk off some calories. So the best thing to do in the resort was to stroll along the beach, enjoy the cool breeze & picturesque views, as well as listen to the soothing sounds of waves. Thankful that we had a bright windy morning to soak in the relaxing atmosphere in Koh Samui that day!

The unexpected 1-night extension in Koh Samui turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we could finally immerse ourselves in the beauty of Thailand’s third largest island with some sun on the morning before we returned home. If there were no bad weather, our flight to Samui would not have been delayed, resulting in us missing the flight home. Then, we would not have experienced the best stay of the trip at Nora Beach Resort & Spa that boasted a wonderful breakfast with awesome ocean views. Therefore, everything happens for a reason, & in a way, I’m glad this was what happened to us. 😅

Check out Nora Beach Resort & Spa for your next relaxing beach retreat in Koh Samui. In my humble opinion, it’s certainly worth your time! 😉


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