Shoufeng, Hualien: Picturesque Eco Farm Views @Villa Home 雲山水:花蓮縣壽豐鄉如诗如画的热门景点

Located on an expansive 24-hectare plot of land in Shoufeng Township, Villa Home is a privately owned ecological farm cum homestay opened since July 2010. Its owners decided to retire in 2006 & started searching for scenic farmlands in Taiwan that matched their ideal dream home image. They realised that this ecological area (equivalent to 33.6 soccer fields) in Hualien was exactly what they were looking for, & so bought the land the following year.


Main entrance of Villa Home with a prominent signboard in Chinese

Close to 20 varieties of palm trees, seasonal flowering plants, lush green field, feather pine forest & a large manmade lake can be found in the ecological farm. A visit to Villa Home feels like entering a tranquil lakeside forest in the European countryside.


Idyllic lake views that you can gaze into all day

Villa Home’s owners seek to create a South European atmosphere throughout the entire area, so that you would feel like you are strolling by the picturesque lake in an European forest. Its buildings are fitted with the classic European-style red-tiled roof & its facade painted in white. Even the selection of colours used was deliberately chosen to be as natural & neutral as possible, so as to blend into its breathtaking surroundings.


We found some beautiful chickens by the side of Villa Home Homestay entrance

When Villa Home was first opened, it was considered one of the secret scenic attractions of Hualien County that only locals knew. However, after mind-blowing photos of its feather pine forest & the breathtaking lake reflections went viral on social media, it became one of the hot Hualien tourist spots that welcomes throngs of tourists every day. Indeed, there was quite a crowd when we visited the place on a Saturday afternoon, be it locals or foreigners. Guess everyone wanted to enjoy the idyllic setting with the unique out-of-Taiwan vibes. 😉


The above cafe by the lake was just a stone’s throw from the main entrance. Boasting a superb location by the dreamy lake in the centre of the compounds, the spot used to be crowded with visitors hoping to snap picture-perfect shots. However, according to Jing Jie, because the cafe owner implemented a minimum spending restriction to deter “free riders”, it has since lost its glam. It was a Saturday but yet we hardly saw anyone inside the uniquely designed cafe, what a pity. We all thought its owner should have been receptive though… 😔

这新颖设计的咖啡馆地理位置佳,就在梦幻湖泊旁。听静姐说,以前这里是访客争相到访的地点,因为据说此地坐拥绝佳景观,拍出来的照片效果最好。但是,自从咖啡馆主实施了最低消费措施后,不让访客免费参观,就没这么多人光顾了。的确,虽然是周末下午,但馆内看来冷冷清清,还蛮可惜的。我们都认为馆主这次是因小失大了…… 😐

Then, we continued down the pedestrian path & found another beautiful minsu with an adorable name & decor.


Bear Forest – a homestay that looks so cosy & cute
有熊的森林 – 看起来是间很舒适富童趣的民宿 🙂

Soon, we reached the highlight of the tour in Villa Home compounds – the truly Instagrammable lakeside with the feather pine forest on its left side, just steps ahead of Bear Forest homestay. Although it wasn’t the season to catch the mesmerizing golden brown coloured feather pine foliage, the tranquil lake views were already a sight to behold.



There is a stone-brick path built across the lake, that everyone was queuing to cross. Or rather, everyone was queuing to be on the path so that s/he could ask someone to snap a “I’ve been here” pic. 😅 Many visitors like us were trying to capture the mini waterfall view backed by the towering feather pine forest on the banks of the dreamy lake too. It was also amazing how serene the lake was that day, with picturesque reflections of its beautiful surroundings. Just a little pity that the clouds weren’t as fluffy & sky not as clear blue as we wished. 😛

湖泊的这一端排着长龙,因为这儿有个石砖步道方便访客步行到另一端。人龙长,想必也是因大家都想在此拍张“到此一游”的美照留念吧。😊 我们也加入排队队伍,顺便拍摄水瀑依着落羽松森林的迷幻风景画。这里访客众多,与梦幻湖泊的宁静氛围形成强烈对比,还有景色宜人的湖光倒影,真的是美到爆!只是有点小可惜,当天的云朵色彩不够鲜明,天空也不是那么的湛蓝,不然这幅雲山水画一定更优。

After visiting Villa Home, I can now better appreciate the beauty of its Chinese name, which can be literally translated as “clouds, mountain & water”. With an idyllic location situated in the scenic East Rift Valley (aka Huatung Valley), the entire place looks exactly like a picturesque painting of these 3 natural elements isn’t it? 😉

拜访了雲山水后,更能体会她那极富意境的名字了。一整片让人超有度假 FEEL 的园区就处于山明水秀的花東纵谷里,一路上有云、山与水相伴,怎能不叫人陶醉?😍

Visit Villa Home to immerse in the unique vibes of Europe right in Hualien’s Shoufeng Township, without leaving Taiwan. But please be considerate & not create too much noise as there are local residents living on this dreamy piece of land too. Enjoy! 🙂


Panoramic view of the manmade lake


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