What To Eat In Taipei City: 7 Delicious Foods You Must Try 台北市吃货篇:7大必尝经典创新美食

People always say there’s a lot of good food to enjoy in Taipei City, be it in the day or at night. Weirdly, despite having visited the vibrant capital of Taiwan thrice before the recent March trip, the food posts of what I ate in the day were more of cafe-hopping experiences [you may read my cafe-hopping experiences through these articles for some inspirations: Yongkang Street & Cafe-hop In 1 Of Taipei’s Oldest Districts – Dadaocheng]. 😂 No doubt I love to cafe hop, but it doesn’t mean I don’t visit local food outlets in the day. 😛 Hence, to show that I do support local food businesses beyond the bustling night markets, here’s a compilation of 7 delicious foods you must try when in Taipei City! 😋

台北市一向受游人喜爱,因为这里无论是白天或黑夜,都有数不尽的美食可享用。说来奇怪,虽然在三月行之前已到过台北三次,但在部落格发表的美食文章比较多是关于夜市与咖啡馆的体验【延伸阅读我的台北咖啡馆体验:永康街到台北古老大稻埕街区的特色咖啡馆趴趴走】。无可否认,我喜欢寻访各地的特色咖啡馆,但我也喜爱道地美食小吃。😜 因此,为了证明除了夜市摊贩,我也支持在地美食小吃店,这次,我就一次过为你介绍台北市7大必尝经典与创新的美食!😋

1. Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

Address 地址: No. 108, Zhongxiao East Road Section 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 台北市中正區忠孝東路一段108號二樓
Directions 怎么去: Alight at Shandao Temple MRT Station exit #5 & walk towards Huashan Market
Open 营业时间: 05:30 – 12:30 daily except Monday (每天营业,周一休息)
Telephone 电话: +886-(0)2-23922175

A traditional Taiwanese breakfast typically comprises a warm cup of soy milk with fried fritters or roasted pancake or egg crepes. There are many shops in Taipei serving this traditional breakfast in the morning, but amongst them all, Fu Hang Dou Jiang, or Fu Hang Soy Milk, is probably the most reputable. Even before the 60-year-old Fu Hang was awarded the 2018 Taipei Michelin Bib Gourmand title, the traditional breakfast shop located in Huashan Market was already popular with consistent long queues every morning.


Not an early riser, plus the hotels I stayed in Taipei all these while came with complimentary breakfast, I had never gone out to hunt for authentic breakfast fare. But having heard so much about the legendary Fu Hang, I decided to forgo my sleep for once. 😛 We reached Huashan Market at about 6.45 am on our last morning in Taipei, & the queue for Fu Hang had already snaked all the way to the level 1 side entrance, as you can see from collage above. Many customers in the queue were holding a copy of the Taipei food guide, so it’s obvious they were tourists like myself. The breakfast shop is situated in a corner of the market’s level 2 food court together with a few other stalls, but it seemed like everyone was there just for Fu Hang. 😅 While the queue was long, we managed to move towards the level 2 shop after 15 min, where we saw the chefs hard at work in the open-concept kitchen. About 5 min later, it was our turn to place order. Quite efficient considering there were at least 50 or more customers ahead of us! 😉

我不是早起的鸟儿,而且过往下榻的台北旅店都提供免费的早餐,所以从来没有特地起早摸黑去寻访道地的早点。但听了这么多对于阜杭的赞许,这次终于决定牺牲睡眠去品尝这备受推崇的台湾美食。离开台北的最后一个早上,我们特地起个大早,早上6:45就抵达華山市場。当时阜杭豆浆的排队人龙从捷运站5号出口刚出来不久,就可看到了。😮 许多客人手上都握着一本台北美食指南,大多是像我们一样的游客。虽然豆浆店是在市场二楼的食阁内,里头也还有其他店家,但大家看来都是冲着阜杭而来的。😅 人龙虽长,但约15分钟后,我们就到了二楼,可看到工作人员在开放式厨房里辛勤工作的情形。过了5分钟,就轮到我们点餐了。只排了20分钟就能点餐,算是相当快速的了,毕竟排在我们之前的应该至少有50人咧。


Took these photos of the food court while waiting patiently in line to place our order

As its name implies, the signature dish at Fu Hang is soy milk (dou jiang). In Singapore, we are used to eating soy beancurd with sweet syrup. But over at Fu Hang, there is the savoury version (35 TWD, ~S$1.60) too, so we both ordered 1 hot bowl each to try, together with the fried fritters sandwiched in roasted thick pancake (55 TWD, ~S$2.50) each.



Guess we were a bit too greedy, should have ordered just 1 set to share, because the thick roasted pancake with fried fritters serving was quite large, & the savoury soy beancurd also came in quite a big bowl. Prior to eating, I was a bit worried whether I would be able to accept the savoury taste of soy beancurd, but after the first few bites, we both thought it was delicious. The soy beancurd was smooth with a special texture, somewhat like eating steamed egg or the Japanese chawanmushi, & the bits of fried fritters on top added some crunch to the dish. As for the thick roasted pancake, I could smell a slight tinge of charcoal fragrance from the crisp dough. However, just like most food, these were best eaten when still hot/ warm. They weren’t as nice after turning cold, especially the savoury soy beancurd. In fact, the savoury bowl felt a bit overwhelming because of its salty taste. Nonetheless, it’s still worthwhile popping by Fu Hang Dou Jiang for a traditional breakfast in Taipei! After the filling breakfast, do check out the traditional Huashan Market & Taipei’s largest Buddhist temple – Shandao Temple in the vicinity. 🙂

好像太贪心了,应该只点一份共享,因为豆浆很大碗,厚饼夹油条也很大份。😂 还没开动前,我其实有点担心会吃不惯咸味豆浆的味道。但尝了几口后,觉得担心是多余的,因为比想象中还美味。豆浆很顺滑细致,口感特殊,有点像在吃蒸蛋或是日式茶碗蒸一样,附上的碎片油条也为这小吃添多一份嚼劲。那厚饼夹油条真的很厚,而且还有炭烧味,很酥脆。不过,记得趁热吃,因为阜杭豆浆就像绝大多数的小吃一样,冷了就没那么美味了。尤其是咸味豆浆,冷了后,感觉它的咸度过重,很容易腻。纵使如此,还是提议你到台北一定要到阜杭豆浆品尝这60年老店的传统好滋味!享用完美味饱足的早餐后,不妨逛一逛这一带传统的華山市場,还有到台北最大的佛寺——善導寺参观哦!😀

2. Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯

71 outlets all over Taiwan. Refer to website for exact outlet locations
Official Website 官网: https://www.fmsc.com.tw/ch/mainaddr.php

There are many classic Taiwanese delights to enjoy when in Formosa Island, & “lu rou fan”, which means minced pork stew with rice in Chinese, is one of them. This is a common rice dish that you can find easily in the local food shops or night markets, & Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan is an established brand serving this delectable dish since it was founded as a roadside stall in Taipei in 1960. Business was so brisk that elder Chang decided to rent a shop for more space to accommodate its growing customer pool in January 1979. The shop is now its flagship store along Ningxia Road. In 1983, it became the first air-conditioned local eatery in Taiwan. After over 50 years in business, there are now 71 Formosa Chang outlets in Taiwan & the brand has even expanded its operations to 2 outlets in Japan.


I decided to give the outlet at Taoyuan International Airport terminal 2 food court a try before my flight back to Singapore, because despite visiting Taiwan 4 times, I had yet to try this famous lu rou fan! 😛 Not sure if it was because the prices at the airport were higher, or because Formosa Chang is a “branded” shop, its prices seem higher compared to the average price for a Taiwanese meal. Anyway, I still went ahead to order the signature Lu Rou Fan (small bowl – 39 TWD/ ~S$1.75) + a plate of poached seasonal vegetable with soy sauce (55 TWD, ~S$2.50).

趁还未登机飞回新加坡前,我终于在桃园国际机场二航站的食阁里品尝了鬍鬚張魯肉飯的滋味。到访台北这么多次,还是第一次有机会尝尝这著名的老店咧。😜 不晓得是不是航站食阁的价位较高,还是因为鬍鬚張属名店,感觉上,鬍鬚張的魯肉飯价格较一般台湾主食的价位高。纵使如此,我还是点了一份小的魯肉飯(39台币)和一盘水耕A菜(55台币)。

My yummy lunch at Formosa Chang before leaving Taiwan for home 😉

Frankly, I am not an avid fan of rice & pork, but I was pleasantly surprised by how delish this meal was. 😅 The minced meat stew was so flavourful, I finished all the rice (OK I know, it’s quite a small portion of rice) before I realised! 😛 I also enjoyed the plate of lightly seasoned poached hydroponic vegetables. Formosa Chang is certainly worth trying for a great bowl of classic Taiwanese cuisine. 🙂

老实说,我并非无肉、无饭不欢,但是这碗魯肉飯的美味还是令我惊喜。😋 魯肉好入味,很下饭,不知不觉就把饭给吃完了(虽然这小碗也没盛很多饭啦)。😂水耕菜也很新鲜,只是清烫加点调味就那么好吃。要品尝传统的台湾魯肉飯,一定要试试鬍鬚張哦!😊

3. 一碗來・Taiwan mama

Address 地址: No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 台北市八德路一段1號

Directions 怎么去: Alight at Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station exit #1 & walk towards Huashan 1914 Creative Park for about 5 min

Open 营业时间: 11:00 – 21:00 daily (每天营业)
Official Website 官网: https://taiwanmama.com/?utm_source=blogfortwmm

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, an interesting arts space for indie shops & cafes by budding designers, is just a 10-min walk down Zhongxiao East Road where Huashan Market can be found. There are several chic cafes & eateries in the area, & I was attracted by the decor of the old wooden house in a corner of the creative park offering a homely taste by the “Taiwan mama“. 🙂



I didn’t really read up on recommended food prior to visiting the area, since I was roaming alone in Taipei this round. But seeing the restaurant packed with customers made me think it was worth a try. Besides, the brightly lit interiors evoked a cosy atmosephere. I like the cute little birds at the payment counter (pictured above) too. 😉



There wasn’t many choices available on the menu, but it was easy to decide which to order, as they already indicated the signature dish was the dry pork noodles. Hence I ordered this dish that came in a set for 220 TWD (~S$9.95), which comprised of the dry pork noodles, milkfishball soup & a beverage of my choice (I chose Glass Jelly beverage).


The signature lunch set @Taiwan mama

I like that the noodles were al dente with a unique flavour which was prepared with spice & soy sauce, something different from the bak chor mee style Singaporeans are familiar with. The pork slices were thinly sliced, lean & tender, & the egg was similar to the Japanese soft-boiled egg yet with a firmer yolk texture. The soup was a delightful one, refreshing & not overly seasoned. The milkfishball in the soup was so chewy! I wished they had given a full glass of the iced glass jelly beverage though, as its smooth taste was so thirst quenching. Overall, I think the servings at Taiwan mama were appropriate for female diners, & there was quality in its ingredients used. Visit Taiwan mama for an homely taste of Taiwanese fare if you are in the area. 😉


4. Natural Life 嵐光青春農藝駐所

Address 地址: No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 台北市八德路一段1號

Directions 怎么去: Alight at Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station exit #1 & walk towards Huashan 1914 Creative Park for about 5 min

Open 营业时间: 12:00 – 21:00 on weekdays (平日);11:00 – 21:00 on weekends (周末)
Facebook Page 粉丝专页: https://www.facebook.com/naturallife2016/


Also located in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Natural Life is a shop selling all sorts of fresh local farm produce which you can bag home or eat in the shop. When I visited back in March, the pretty butterfly pea ice popsicle (85 TWD, ~S$3.85) was on sale in the fridge beside the cashier. While the price may seem a little on the high side, it was because the ice popsicle was made using organic butterfly pea flowers & no additives, fructose or artificial sweeteners & flavourings were used. I bought it partly because it was a good opportunity to support the local farm community too. 😉 This guilt-free snack was a nice one to enjoy while busking under the hot sun in Taipei! 😉


5. Quan Zhen Vegetarian Steamboat Teppanyaki Restaurant 全真素食火锅铁板烧

Address 地址: No. 11, Lane 34 Section 2, Hankou Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City
台北市萬華區漢口街二段34巷11號 (武昌街二段57號巷內)

Directions 怎么去: Approximately 7-min walk from Ximen MRT Station exit #6
Open 营业时间: 11:00 – 15:00; 16:30 – 21:00 on Monday, Wednesday to Friday(周一、周三~周五);11:00 – 21:00 on Saturday & Sunday (周末);closed on Tuesday (周二休息)
Telephone 电话: +886-(0)2-2388-9565

Thanks to my brother in-law, I got to dine at Quan Zhen Vegetarian Steamboat Teppanyaki Restaurant, a cool vegetarian restaurant hidden in an alley off Ximending Walking District! Despite its offbeat location & the fact that we visited after 1 pm for late lunch, I was surprised to find the restaurant packed with customers. Almost everything in the restaurant was self-service, from the ordering & payment of food at the counter to helping yourselves to the cutlery, side dishes & sauces. The only thing that wasn’t self service was the staff would still serve you the food & drinks. 😉 I like that the menu came fully illustrated with colourful photos of the dishes, so it was easy to know what to expect.


Our tantalising vegetarian teppanyaki sets 🙂

I had the Teppanyaki Vegetarian Fish Fillet with Noodles (160 TWD, ~S$7.20) while my brother in-law ordered the Teppanyaki Vegetarian Kobe Beef with Noodles (180 TWD, ~S$8.15). Beside teppanyaki with noodles, Quan Zhen also offered steamboat, don, omelette rice & soup noodles. Prices range from 100 to 200 TWD (~S$4.50-9.00) per set, which might seem more expensive compared to other Taiwanese cuisines, but were still pretty wallet-friendly, considering the generous portions. Furthermore, we could help ourselves to the side dishes such as pickled vegetables & soup for free.


The best part? If I hadn’t told you this was a vegetarian lunch, would you even be able to tell from the food pics above? They looked just like the real stuff didn’t they? Furthermore, their taste easily rivalled that of real fish & beef, certainly a very palatable lunch. Kudos to Quan Zhen for making vegetarian dining an interestingly delicious one! 😉

如果我没告诉你这是一顿素食午餐,你看得出来吗?很像真的荤食对不对?😉 此外,味道也不输真的鱼肉和牛肉哦,是色香味俱全的一餐。觉得素食餐很闷的人,肯定是还未到访与品尝全真素食的新颖美味素食料理!😁

6. Chengdu Starfruit Ice Beverage Shop 成都杨桃冰

Address 地址: No. 3, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City 台北市萬華區成都路3號
Directions 怎么去: In front of Ximen MRT Station exit #6 西门捷运站6号出口旁
Open 营业时间: 13:00 – 22:30 daily(每天营业)
Telephone 电话: +886-(0)2-2381-0309

Founded in 1966, Chengdu Starfruit Ice Beverage Shop is an unassuming shop next to the ever-crowded Ximen MRT Station exit #6 selling traditional local ice beverages. From the menu high up at the order counter, I noticed there were only 5 types of beverages offered, namely starfruit juice, pineapple juice, pickled plum ice, starfruit ice & pineapple ice. But there was a long queue in front of the shop! I wondered what made Chengdu stand out from all the other ice beverage stores in the area? 🧐


Well, since it was highly recommended by my brother in-law & we needed to refresh our palates after a heavy vegetarian teppanyaki meal at #5, we joined in the queue to order a cup of pineapple juice (small cup for 25 TWD/ S$1.15, big cup for 40 TWD/ ~S$1.80). After taking a sip, I was won over by its fresh & naturally sweet taste. No wonder people didn’t mind the queue for a cup (or more) of natural fruity goodness! 🙂


7. Fruity 花草果香

2 outlets in Taipei, 1 near Taipei Main Station & the other in Da’an near Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. Refer to Facebook page for exact outlet locations. 台北共2家店面:站前店(近台北车站)与大安店(近忠孝复兴站)。请上粉丝专页查阅门市确切地点
Facebook Page 粉丝专页: https://www.facebook.com/fruity.tasty/

Taiwan is famous for its pearl milk tea & creative bubble tea concoctions. Besides the established bubble tea brands such as Chun Chui Tang & Gong Cha, there are numerous new brands seeking a slice of the lucrative tea beverage market on Formosa Island. While walking back to Hotel Relax 2 (read more about my home for 2 nights in Taipei here: [Promotion] Another Relaxing Stay @Hotel Relax 2 Near Taipei Main Station) from Ximending, I passed by the pretty Fruity hole-in-the-wall bubble tea shop & was attracted by its colourful fruit tea menu:


I love fruit teas, especially when they look so vibrant & pretty 🙂

Then, I saw the seasonal menu by the side, featuring ice beverages with fresh strawberries (it was March & the fruit was in season). So I couldn’t resist the temptation & ordered a Strawberry Milk Pearl for 65 TWD (~S$2.95). Yes, compared to other bubble teas in Taiwan, this wasn’t exactly cheap, but well, the beverage was prepared only upon order with fresh milk & sliced strawberries. This price was definitely much more affordable in Taiwan compared to Singapore! 😉


Verdict? My Strawberry Milk Pearl beverage was not just Insta-worthy, but it was also a delightful perk-me-up cup! But word of caution, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you may find it too cloying, because of the sweetness from both the fruit & the chewy pearls…. 😅



As usual, I am craving for all the above-mentioned local foods after looking at the tempting pics & writing about them. 😂 Taipei offers a good mix of traditional old school delights as well as innovative new-age cuisines to satisfy all types of foodies. Hope I can return to Taipei soon for a wonderful food trip again! 😋

一如既往,边写边整理这些资料与照片,让我又很想再尝上述美食一遍了。😋 喜欢台北市不只保留许多经典传统美食的老店,还有各式各样新颖创意美食小吃,满足各类饕客的食欲。希望很快又有机会再到台北来趟美食之旅!😉


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