Studio M KSL @JB: Affordable Hair Indulgence Worth The Causeway Jam

It’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog, as I’ve been rather busy adapting to life’s major changes. Sadly, the freedom/ ability to travel out of town has greatly reduced these days, even a simple day trip to nearby Johor Bahru (JB) seems hard to come by now. In fact, the last time I pampered my tresses was almost 9 months ago! 😫 Fortunately, my friendly stylist Jason from across the causeway [read more about my wonderful hair salon experience through this article – Hair.Thirty @KSL JB: Professional Hair Service Worth Crossing The Causeway For] has not forgotten about me all this while. 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise when I received his invitation to enjoy an indulgent hair service at their newly rebranded Studio M hair salon in the popular KSL City Mall!

Studio M KSL

Since 1 April 2019, the same professional team from Hair.Thirty decided to rebrand their salon as Studio M KSL. Formerly a sister brand of the Taiwanese chain Govin Hair, Hair.Thirty management decided to set up their own brand, hence the “split”. Other than a change in its name, pretty much everything stays the same, be it the stylists, service or products used. Frankly, I thought the salon interiors look better now with less clutter. 😅

Because it had been such a long time since I took care of my mane, I had initially wanted to colour, perm and give it a great spa treatment. However, this idea was booted by my stylist for the day – Ben Toh, Studio M’s Creative Director after examining my lifeless hair. He commented that my mane wasn’t in the best condition to get sustainable and beautiful wavy hair-style for now. The hair ends were pretty dry and damaged, so I should focus on treating it back to good health before trying the perm treatment in future.

This was how my hair looked when I just arrived at the salon

OK I know, the above photo probably doesn’t show much of my damaged tresses. Basically, my hair colour done last Sep was fading off with growing white hair (arrrghhh!!!) and the ends were pretty entangled. Just look at the below collage of photos my sister took for me after Ben trimmed and layered my hair, before any colouring or treatment.

More views of my hair after trimming, but before colouring & treatment

Following, it was time to “paint” my tresses, with the Mucota colour specially mixed by Ben after hearing my preference as well as checking my hair condition. As I didn’t want to go back to the usual red base colour, and also wanted to cover the greying hair, the colour he picked for me was more towards ash brown. After nearly an hour of hair colouring, it was time for my favourite Mucota Scena+ (5-step) hair treatment! 🙂 The hair spa treatment makes use of latest nano molecular technology to protect and repair coloured/ chemically damaged hair. Lifeless hair will regain its shine and silkiness after the luxurious treatment, and the most relaxing part was the Scalp Spa! 😍

Ben’s other “product showcase” – my sister 🙂

I’m sure any of you who has been to a salon to colour / do hair treatment would know how dreary it may be to be sitting there for long hours to wait for the job to be done. One of the ways to kill time was of course to chat with the staff. 😂 I casually asked Ben if there were any special meaning to rebrand the salon as Studio M. Jokingly, he mentioned because M = $$$. Hahaha honest answer ya! Anyway, it was really because the salon is an official partner of the famous Japanese hair care brand Mucota. By being an official partner, it means they would be the first to know about Mucota product updates/ promotions and share with their customers. Nice! Actually, I think “M” is also an appropriate alphabet for a hair salon, since another word for hair = mane? 😁

Ta-da! Here’s a photo of my front view after everything was completed 🙂

Happy of my new layered hairdo & subtle ash brown tone (back view)

In case you are wondering, nope, Ben didn’t relent to perm my hair in the end. 😜 It was just a temporary style he did to satisfy my desire to get a new perm look for that few hours haha. I was surprised with the subtle hair colour, which appeared like black in front, but more brownish at the back. It was also cool to be able to feel silky smooth hair after the 4-hour long session! 😉

You may be wondering how affordable can hair indulgence really be when it’s easily a S$200-300 price tag just for hair treatment alone (assuming long hair like mine) in a decent Singapore hair salon. Well, the figures are roughly the same as Singapore’s. But don’t forget Studio M is in Malaysia, where S$1 can get you about 3 MYR. 😉 That means it’s just about one-third of the price you pay in Singapore for pampering your mane!? 😍 Below is a snapshot of Studio M’s detailed price list FYI. 🙂

If that isn’t enough reason to entice you to brave the causeway jam, here’s another one. 😁 Bubble tea fans will be familiar with the popular Taiwanese brand – The Alley (鹿角巷), where long queues can be found at Jewel Changi Airport and Cineleisure. Not only were we able to enjoy The Alley beverages in the comfort of the salon without joining the queue, but it also came at a discounted price tag for Studio M customers. Just need to ask one of the staff to help you order and the beverage will be served right before you. 😊

Bookings for hair appointments can be made via its Facebook page, details below:

Address: G-08,09 KSL City Mall, No. 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru (walk towards left side of the mall upon entering from The Coffee Bean)

Open: 10.30 am to 9.30 pm daily.

Phone: +60 7-289 0059

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Hurry, head over to JB for professional hair service with an affordable price tag. Surely that’s something worth braving the causeway jam for! 🙂

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