Lake Vänern, Karlstad

We bid farewell to the scenic Norway on an early Wednesday morning 8 June 2011, and started our road journey to the capital of Sweden – Stockholm, via Karlstad which is situated between Oslo and Stockholm.

About 1.5 hours away from Oslo Airport, we reached the border of Norway and Sweden, where Morokulien Infocenter sits (tourist information centre).  It is a very simple and plain tourist information centre, not like the sophiscated/ modern ones we came across in other countries 😉

Morokulien infocenter main entrance

Welcome to Sweden!

There is a currency exchange counter for tourists to change their money into Swedish Krona (SEK), a souvenir shop for buying last minute Norway/ Sweden souvenirs and free maps/brochures to refer to.

We continued our journey on the road to Karlstad and stopped by the largest lake in Sweden – Lake Vänern before lunch.  Lake Vänern covers an area of 5,655 km2 (2,183 sq mi). It is located at 44 m (144 ft) above sea level and is on average 27 m (89 ft) deep.  It is the largest lake in the EU and the third largest lake in Europe after Ladoga and Onega in Russia.  But frankly, there is nothing so “wow” about this lake, you can see for yourself below……

Welcome to the city of the sun - Karlstad!

Left side of Lake Vänern

Right side of Lake Vänern

Really nothing magnificent about this biggest lake in Sweden, I didn’t bluff you right? 😉  Anyway, now that I have done some online research on Karlstad, where the bank of Lake Vänern is located at, I wished I had more time to explore the municipality rather than passing by!


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